24 – Two Days Later – 8 pm to 9 pm

24 – Two Days Later – Hour 2

The following takes place between 8 pm and 9 pm

8:00 pm – Jack tells Cindy, “Honey, I need to know what happened to the archway at the end of the hall.”

Cindy gives him a funny look and says, “What’s an archway?” Meanwhile, Morris and Bill are banging on the wall, trying to figure out how an archway they just walked through could have been replaced with a wall so quickly. Cindy repeats her wish to go see her parents. Chloe tells Jack that they need to go outside anyway, because her cell phone isn’t getting any reception, as she puts the remote control she was holding away in her purse. Jack says that as soon as they figure out how to get out of the warehouse, it should be OK. Chloe gives him a dirty look and tells him that she knows how it works, since she wrote a lot of software to do that before coming to CTU.

8:03 pm – Cindy leads them out of the room, and to a wide staircase leading down to a living room. Morris comments, “I’ve heard of people building retro apartments inside of warehouses before, but this is amazing! Very authentic.” They all go down into the living room.

Jack tells Cindy that they want to leave the warehouse, not go downstairs into the basement. Cindy gives him a funny look. She points to a door and tells them they can leave that way, or they can leave through the family room, which is beyond the kitchen.

8:05 pm – Jack tells Bill, Morris and Chloe that they have to follow Cheng to see if they can figure out where he went. A man and two women, followed by five other children, come into the living room from the kitchen. They’re all dressed in 70’s style clothing. The man says, “Cindy! Are you OK? What’s going on here? Who are all these people?”

Cindy says, “Daddy, these people are with the police! They say they’re following bad guys!”

The father says, “Wait a minute. The FBI was already here for my clearance, and we cleared up that whole mix up with Sam. What’s this about?”

Jack says, “We’re not with the FBI. We’re with CTU.”

The father replies, “Oh! Well! Then that sounds like a completely reasonable explanation!” He turns to one of the women, who is dressed like a housekeeper, and says, “Alice, can you go check the house to see if everything is OK? If you see a burglar, make sure and yell!” The family all laughs as if that’s some sort of joke.

The father says, “I’m sure we would have heard something if there had been anyone in the house. Why don’t you come out back for a quick bite to eat before you go?”

8:08 pm – Chloe, Morris, Bill and Jack are all lead through the kitchen and family room into a backyard. They all look back and realize that they’ve walked out of a house, and not the warehouse they had run into. They see that they’re in a residential neighborhood.

The father says, “Where are my manners? I’m Mike Brady, this is my wife Carol. These are our kids, Greg, Marcia, Jan, Peter, Bobby, and you’ve met Cindy.” He points in the direction of the woman that just left, “That was Alice”.

8:10 pm – Everyone grabs something to eat while Chloe, Morris, Bill and Jack try to get a connection on their cell phones, but they are having trouble. Jan and Peter are near a doghouse, arguing.

Jan says, “Look, I’m telling you, something weird is going on! Before Mom and Dad got married, we had pets! We had a cat named ‘Fluffy’, and you had a dog, named ‘Tiger’! Why would we have a dog house if we didn’t have a dog?”

Peter doesn’t believe her. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Jan!”, Peter says.

8:10 pm – Greg walks up to Chloe and says, “You know, you’re one groovy lady. How’d you like a ride in my new convertible?” Chloe gives him a disgusted look and says, “I’m old enough to be your mo… older sister.”

8:11 pm – Morris walks over to Carol to ask whether she has ever had problems with cell phone reception. Carol tells him that since telephones are property of the telephone company, they would never try and sell them.


8:17 pm – Bill takes a look at what looks like a vintage convertible in the driveway, and Greg tells him his pal Eddie sold it to him. There’s a scream from inside the house, “Buuuuuuuurglers!”

Jack pulls out his gun, and Carol asks, “Now, kids, I want you to look at that. Jack has a gun, but that’s only because it’s part of his job. Jack, Is that really necessary?” Jack ignores this and enters the house.

8:18 pm – Jack walks through the family room, through the kitchen and to the living room, but doesn’t see anything. Mike casually walks behind Jack. Jack nearly shoots him when Mike nearly trips and knocks over a vase. The front door is open. Jack runs to it, and doesn’t see anyone.

8:20 pm – Mike realizes that his office door is open, and calls Jack over. They enter Mike’s office, and it’s been ransacked. The rest of the family enters, followed by Bill, Chloe and Morris. Mike says, “Well, it looks like we’ll have to do some cleaning in here!” The family laughs, but it’s not clear why.

8:21 pm – Mike says, “Why would anyone do this to an architect?” Jack asks Mike what he has been working on lately that might have caused someone to do this. Mike thinks for a moment, and says, “Well, I’ve been looking at designing a city park, a library, and an office building…. Oh, and then there’s the nuclear power plant… Nothing out of the ordinary.”

8:22 pm – The rest of the family enters Mike’s office as Bill asks, “What are you doing designing a nuclear power plant, and why would anyone want to steal the plans for a nuclear power plant? Wouldn’t they be able to find something like that on the Internet?”

Mike tells Bill, “Oh, the design I had was very solid construction. No nets of any kind. It’s strictly concrete”. Bill gives Mike a strange look and says, “No, I meant ‘The Internet’… You know, ‘The Web’”?

Mike tells Bill, “Well, Alice takes care of all the webs around the house. Where is Alice anyway?”

Chloe blurts out, “Are you people stupid? Someone attacked her! They must have been surprised when she came into the office, checking to be sure that everything was OK! Aren’t you the least bit concerned?

Mike responds, “Oh, I don’t know. Alice is a pretty tough cookie. Besides, no matter what happens around here, it always works out in the end!” The whole family laughs again, and Morris leans over to Chloe to whisper that their constant laughing is starting to be a little creepy.

8:25 pm – Jack asks Mike to see the copy of the nuclear power plant plans, but they seem to be missing. Jan says, “Maybe Tiger took them.”

Everyone turns to Jan. Carol says, “Jan, honey, we’ve been over this before. There is no ‘Tiger’”. Jan clenches her teeth in frustration and storms out of the room.

8:26 pm – Chloe tells Jack that she even tried to get a Wi-Fi connection on her handheld, but can’t find any networks to connect to. Jack asks Mike if he can use the telephone. The phone has a rotary dial.

8:27 pm – Jack dials the CTU phone number and several others, but gets a recording that says, “The number you have dialed is not in service.”


8:33 pm – Jack asks Mike if he has a car, and Mike brings him outside to show him the family station wagon. Jack asks, “Wow! I haven’t seen one of these in years! My father used to… Well, never mind that.”

Mike says, “What are you talking about? I just bought this new last week!”

8:34 pm – Carol comes outside to tell Mike that they’ve received a phone call. Carol tells them that a man with a weird accent said that Mike was supposed to bring his black notebook with him to the city’s civic center auditorium, and if he didn’t, Alice would be in trouble.

8:36 pm – Jack, Carol and Mike are in the front seat of the station wagon, while Chloe, Bill and Morris are in the back. Mike gives directions to the civic center. Mike asks, “Why would they want this old black notebook?” Jack says he has no idea, but it’s the only way to get Alice back and to track down the people he’s been chasing.

8:37 pm – As they stop at a light, Morris comments that there must be some sort of car show happening on this side of town, since all he’s seen on the road are vintage cars. Jack mumbles that this whole “stop at a light” thing is kind of freaking him out.


8:42 pm – They arrive at the auditorium, which has a sign in front saying “Concert tomorrow night!” A car has been driven all the way up the front steps and is parked right next to the front door. Mike recognizes it as a car belonging to a next door neighbor. There’s also a large multi-colored school bus parked in front of the school. Jack stops the car and they all get out, and head for the front door.

8:43 pm – “What about us?” The adults turn around to see all of the kids piling out of the back of the station wagon. Mike and Carol look upset…but not all that upset. Jack tells Mike and Carol that they should keep the children outside, because it’s much too dangerous. Mike insists on going along, to make sure that Alice is OK. The kids start to whine as Jack enters the building with Mike and Bill. Jack tells Chloe and Morris to get the cell phones working while they try and track down Cheng.

8:44 pm – As they enter the lobby of the building, music can be heard from the auditorium where a band is practicing. Mike says that he thinks he recognizes that song, and goes straight for the doors. He swings the doors open, points at the band and yells, “Partridge! I should have known!”

8:45 pm – Jack reminds Bill to never take anyone along who hasn’t been trained in the whole concept of “surprise”, as they race to catch up with Mike. Mike is yelling at the top of his lungs at a woman on stage with her children, “I should have known you were behind this!” He makes his way down to the stage as Jack and Bill follow.

The woman says, “Look, Brady, we got this gig fair and square. I’m sorry if you’re having problems getting your children on stage to sing.”

Mike says, “You know that’s not what I mean! Where’s Alice, Shirley?”

Shirley says, “I have no idea what you’re talking about!”

There’s a gunshot from the balcony area. A man yells, “ENOUGH!”

8:46 pm – Everyone looks up, and there are several men with machine guns in the balcony area. Shirley yells, “Keith, Laurie! Get Chris and Tracey out of here!” They run for the exit in the back of the auditorium. One of the men is holding Alice. He yells for Mike to throw him the black notebook.

Jack yells, “What assurance do we have that you won’t hurt Alice?” Mike throws the black notebook up to the man, who catches it and yells, “You don’t have any!” and pushes Alice off the balcony.

8:48 pm – Just as she goes tumbling over the side, Alice catches herself on the balcony railing. The men in the balcony run for the balcony exit. Jack is able to shoot one, but the rest escape. Alice screams while this is all going on, trying to drag herself back onto the balcony. Jack goes running for a side door labeled, “Balcony”.

Bill goes rushing over and tells Alice he’ll catch her. Alice drops, and Bill doesn’t so much catch Alice, as provide a nice landing target. She falls right on top of Bill, who is flattened to the ground. Mike and Shirley help Bill up.

8:49 pm – Jack runs to the upstairs corridor, but doesn’t see anyone in any of the balcony compartments. He reaches the balcony where Alice was hanging, and sees her on the ground with Bill. He yells for Bill to go back out to the front of the building and set up a perimeter.


8:53 pm – Jack arrives in the front of the building, with Bill, Alice, Mike and Shirley right behind. Greg is talking to Laurie, and Keith is talking to Marcia. Both Mike and Shirley separate their respective children. Chloe comments about how there are much too many people here right now.

8:54 pm – Shirley is furious. “Of all the petty stunts I’ve seen pulled, this is the lowest. First you try and establish your children as a singing act, and when they weren’t as successful as you hoped, you come to sabotage our rehearsal!” Jack tries to explain to her what happened, but she won’t listen.

8:55 pm – Chloe calls Jack over, and Bill and Morris gather around too. She tells him, “Jack, I’ve been talking to Mrs. Brady. You’re not going to like this. We’re in 1974.”

Jack says, “What do you mean, ‘1974’? You mean the year 1974? That’s ridiculous!”

Chloe continues, “I know it’s ridiculous…. But is it as ridiculous as stopping a second atomic bomb explosion and then getting back your comatose girlfriend from a Chinese prison camp, while trying to destroy a Russian computer chip?”

Jack says, “You have a point…”

8:57 pm – Jack continues, “Well, what are we going to do about it? Find another archway to walk through and hope we make it back to our own time period?”

Chloe says, “I’ll think of something”.

8:58 pm – Several police cars drive up, and the officers get out, asking what the commotion is all about. There’s loud crack and a flash of light behind the crowd. They look to where Chloe, Morris, Bill and Jack were standing before…. And they’re gone.

8:59 pm – Chloe, Morris, Bill and Jack are now standing in the middle of a jungle. Jack says, “Um, this isn’t exactly what I meant.”

9:00 pm – Time’s up!