Reporters say, Believe the iPhone Hype

Over on one of my other blogs, High Tech Duck (which looks suspiciously like Magic Lamp right now), I have a couple of pointers to what the NY Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal columnists are saying about the iPhone: It’s not completely perfect, but you should “Believe the Hype”.

Apple and AT&T have worked out a deal for unlimited bandwidth for the phones, so that means you’ll be able to surf the web as much as you like. Without leveraging the web, the iPhone loses a lot. It still has that built in iPod, so you’ll be able to watch movies and listen to music, but you’d be missing out on what they’re calling a first class browser (Safari), YouTube videos, at least while you’re on the road.

Now, you’ll notice I said “while you’re on the road”. The iPhone has built-in WiFi, which means that when you’re near your own network or a public WiFi network, you’ll be able to use that instead of the cell network, Edge, from AT&T. You won’t be able to get phone calls over WiFi, but you will be able to get to the web.

So what does that mean for TV addicts? Well, a lot of big media are posting their shows to the web these days, and quite a few use YouTube.

Good thing the iPhone has a big battery.

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  1. That WiFi link is important, because AT&T has a slower network overall, compared to other cellular networks…that’s probably the biggest chink in the armor of this phone.

    (Oh, the dog’s butt is still there…)

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