Gordon Ramsey Lawsuit Thrown Out

The New York Post is reporting the lawsuit against Gordon Ramsey has been thrown out.  

The lawsuit alleged that Ramsey faked problems in the kitchen and the program was a fraud.

The judge ordered both sides to arbitration, which lets the new version of the TV show go ahead.  It airs on Fox this fall.

I got this info from TV Squad, a great TV blog.  They got a couple of facts wrong though…

Kitchen Nightmares is indeed a show shown on BBC America, but the version of the show in question is the American version, which starts this Fall.

There have been three seasons of Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America.  This is the first American version.

Via TV Squad.

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  1. Gordon Ramsey is f—ing rocking!I watch his show’s(all of them) over and over,and I don’t even eat “gormae food.I wish that I could talk to some of the people that I work with the way he does.He tells it like it is.When people are D–kheads they need to be told and he doesn’t make any bons about it!I love ya Gordon!Keep up the good work.

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