Top Chef Results: Guilty Pleasures

The latest Top Chef show had the chefs do a couple of interesting challenges.  The first challenge was to come up with alternative ice cream flavors.  Dale won the challenge by coming up with the an interesting topping of peach crumble.   He ended up with a copy of Small Bites, Big Nights”" by Govind Armstrong.

The chefs were told that they were headed out for a night on the town.  They got in the limo, and ended up in an elimination challenge.

They worked in two teams, and made bar food for some folks out at some of the local bars in Miami.    Some of it went over well, like Tre’s cheesy grits with bacon wrapped shrimp, and others didn’t like Howe’s Media Noche.

It came down between Sara and Howe.

In the end, Sara was eliminated, which I felt was a mistake.  They said it was because her head wasn’t in the challenge.

Next on Top Chef:  Restaurant Wars!