Gordon Ramsey’s Reaction to Kitchen Nightmares Lawsuit

Gordon Ramsey
TV Week has a story in which Gordon Ramsey reacts to the recent lawsuit over his new (not even out yet!) series, ‘Kitchen Nightmares’.

“The idea of bringing moldy food in and planting actors is a f**king joke,” Mr. Ramsay said. “There’s a man who got very scared and very embarrassed about his lack of professionalism. For a man to waste lawyers’ time and taxpayers’ money to get upset about something you’re the cause of…”

The BBC version of Kitchen Nightmares is a great show. Can’t wait to see the American version. I remember the first time I saw it on BBC America… My first thought was “They could never do this in the US; they’d get sued!” Sure enough…

Kitchen Nightmares starts on Sept 19th on Fox.

Via TV Week. Thanks to John for pointing me to this story.

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