Kitchen Nightmares – Episode 2 – Dillons

Gordon Ramsey
This was the episode that brought Kitchen Nightmares national headlines even before the show premiered last week because of the lawsuit brought against the show by a former restaurant manager, and I can see why. That place was disgusting.

How in the world, with three managers running around, plus the owner of the place, could they have let things get into that state, we’ll probably never know. The kitchen was dirty, there was rotten food, bugs… It was a mess. If there ever was a place that needed help, that was it. I can’t imagine what the people that were sitting in the restaurant at the time must have been thinking when a manager told them they weren’t going to be serving dinner that night.

Martin, the general manager, ended up quitting on camera after overhearing Gordon telling the owner that he didn’t need as much management staff as was there. It was quite a confrontation.

The place ended up being better in the end than before Gordon was there (not that it would have been tough), but I was really, really surprised the place was still open by the end of the show. Probably the two best things that happened to that place were hiring the consulting chef, and redecorating the inside of the restaurant.

One thing is certain: This show will make you think twice before going out to eat.

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  1. Gordon was right to give advice on firing that lacky of a manager Martin he was pathetic gave real managers in the food industry a bad name good job Gordon!!!

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