Survivor China Premiere

Survivor China Image
Spoilers ahead… you’ve been warned…

I just watched the Survivor China Premiere. I might have more to say later, but for now all I have to say is the people playing already violated two big unwritten Survivor rules:

1) Always dress like they’re going to dump you into the game at that moment.

Most of the people weren’t even CLOSE to being dressed in the right kind of clothes for the next 39 days. Have they really never seen this show? One of them already had big holes in their clothes at tribal council.

2) Never vote off the guy that’s likely to be able to help you survive in the wilderness.

These people are stupid. Chicken has more ability to survive in that environment than anyone else, and the A) didn’t listen to him when he tried to get them to build a shelter, and then B) voted him off. They wouldn’t listen to his suggestions, so he shut up… he straight out said that. If they just would have listened to him in the first place, they would have had that shelter built the first night.

That tribe is in for some rough times.

…oh, and one more thing: I bet that waitress from New York gets voted off pretty quickly too.