When is LOST Coming Back?

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A LOT of people within the last couple of days have contacted MagicLamp.org trying to find out when LOST is coming back to TV.

LOST is not returning until February 2008. The plan is to run the show every week for 16 episodes, until the end of the season. That’s a shortened schedule (usually there are 20-24 episodes for a season for a series). The producers think that running the show every week, with no repeats will be better than doing what they did last year, which is split the season into two, or even in previous years, which is to run things, have some repeats, and then continue.

If you have additional questions about this, feel free to drop a comment here, or contact me.

8 thoughts on “When is LOST Coming Back?”

  1. This is so upsetting. I was looking forward to seeing lost in the Fall of 2007. I guess we all have no choice, but this is very disappointing. But at least most of the Fall shows will be finishing and we will have new shows to look forward to. My husband and I are addicted to the show.

  2. yeah, lost is coming back in february 2008….everyone will have to wait a little longer

    : [

  3. LOST is the very best tv series i’d ever seen. I hope it come back pretty soon. i have a lot of doubts about what heppened on the last episode………………..

  4. Season 5 won’t start in the US until January 2009, so I imagine it’ll start on Sky One around that time too (possibly later)

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