Heroes – Kindred

Spoilers, as usual, ahead…

I think this was the strongest episode of the three episodes so far. Just a couple of points: How could Sylar realize that Candice’s powers only created the illusion of where he was? Couldn’t he tell from his experience in the opening scene that’s what would happen? What prevented her from creating an illusion when Sylar attacked?

Well, now that Sylar has her power (even if he doesn’t realize it yet), he just got a LOT more dangerous. Making people see what you want them to see is going to be pretty dangerous.

I think Hiro’s destined to take over as Takezo Kensei, or take a larger role. It really doesn’t make sense that he’ll just let the girl go to Kensei.

One last thing… I really don’t want to see Claire clip anything any time soon.