24 – Two Days Later – Episode 20 – 2 pm to 3 pm

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24 – Two Days Later – Hour 20

The following takes place between 2 pm and 3 pm

2:00 pm – Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill are standing in a driveway in a residential neighborhood.

A woman screams from across the street: “ABNER! COME SEE! ABNER!!”

2:01 pm – Jack and company look around, but no one in the neighborhood seems to be paying any attention to the screaming. Someone comes to the window of the house they’re standing in front of, sees the group, and leaves. The door opens, and a man wearing a suit says in a loud whisper, “Just don’t stand there! Get in here! Do you want the neighbors to see you?”

2:02 pm – They hurry inside the home. The small entryway has a mirror and a set of stairs leading to the second story. They walk into the living room, which has a couple of couches and a fireplace. The man says, “What is it with you people? Sam has always said you need to come through in the backyard, or appear in the house! Do you want people to see you?” He looks at them expecting an explanation, but no one says anything. He starts to realize that these people might not be who he thinks they are. He says, “You are here for Sam… right?”

Jack smile weakly and says, “Uh… Sam… The butcher? Alice’s friend?”

2:04 pm – The man looks surprised, “You mean that you don’t know who Samantha is? Who are you people?”

Jack says, “We’re from a government agency…”

The man interrupts. “Government agency? Government agency?? Why are you here?”

Jack says, “My name is Jack Bauer. This is Chloe, Bill and Morris. We’re trying to find someone. Have you seen anything suspicious recently?”

2:06 pm – The man laughs nervously and says, “Suspicious? Me? Ha Ha! No! Nothing like that around here! Nothing suspicious! Whatever gave you that idea?” He leads them into the living room and says, “I’m Darrin Stephens. Ha! But you probably knew that already. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable on the couches over there? Go ahead and mix yourself a drink. I’ll be right back.” He goes through a swinging door leading in to what looks like a kitchen. He starts to argue with someone in hushed tones from the kitchen.


2:11 pm – Bill says, “OK. Is it just me, or is there something weird going on here?”

They hear a loud noise. They look over and see an old woman covered with soot sitting in front of the fireplace. She says, “Oh dear! Oh my! Why, tha… tha…that wasn’t supposed to happen at all! No!”

Chloe says, “No, Bill. I haven’t seen anything I consider weird.”

Jack and Bill rush over to help the old woman up, brushing the soot off of her the best that they can.

2:15 pm – Darrin and a woman come running out of the kitchen. The woman says, “Aunt Clara! Are you OK? What happened?”

Aunt Clara says, “Samantha! I… I don’t know. I was coming in for a landing when the… you… Have you moved the front door again, dear? Hmmm?”

Samantha says, “No, dear. Here, let me help you.” She helps Aunt Clara up.

Jack says, “What happened? Why did she fall through the chimney?”

Samantha turns to Jack and says, “She’s a bit confused, the poor dear.” She whispers to Jack, “She likes to try and climb up the chimney as a ‘hobby’. She does it about once a week.” She turns back to Aunt Clara, “Come on dear, let’s go and have a lie down upstairs.”

Samantha takes Aunt Clara upstairs.

2:18 pm – A black haired woman comes out of the kitchen. She says, “We just got the strangest phone call. Is there someone named Jack Bauer here?”

Jack says, “I’m Jack Bauer!”

The woman says, “Well, there’s a phone call for you!”

Jack runs into the kitchen.

2:19 pm – Morris whispers to Chloe, “Hey! It’s her!!”

Chloe says, “What are you talking about?”

Morris tilts his head at Serena, “That’s Samantha! She’s just got a wig on, and a stick-on heart on her face! Why is she dressed like that?”

Chloe says, “Why don’t you ask her?”

Morris clears his throat and says, “Aren’t you Samantha?”

2:20 pm – Serena looks him up and down. “What a strange little man. No dear, I’m her cousin Serena.”

Morris says, “Cousin?? You look just like her!” He turns to Darrin. “She looks just like Samantha! How could she be a cousin?”

Darrin leans towards Serena while she pulls away from him. He shrugs, “No, I don’t see a resemblance”. Serena goes into the kitchen.

Darrin asks Morris, “Why don’t you have a drink?” He goes to a mini-bar set up on a table near the stairs and starts to mix a drink.

Morris says, “What? You’re kidding right? Bill? Chloe? You see it don’t you?”

2:21 pm – In the kitchen, Jack has Fenster on the telephone. Fenster says, “I finally got in touch with Nadia. She said there was trouble at Secretary Heller’s home.”

Jack says, “He didn’t try flying his car again, did he?”

Fenster says, “It’s serious, Jack. It’s Audrey. She was still incapacitated, but she’s gone. They think she might have been kidnapped.”

Jack says, “Find out what you can. I’m going to find out what’s happened if I have to beat it out of someone!”


2:26 pm – Jack returns to the room, and speaks with Chloe. He says, “Chloe, I have some good news and bad news. They think Audrey has been kidnapped.”

Chloe says, “What’s the bad news?”

Jack shakes his head, “Not now, Chloe. I’m being serious. The good news is that Fenster seems to have found a way to contact us via telephone. We just have to be sure we’re near one so he can call us. He’s still trying to figure out a way to get us back. Anyway, they think Audrey must have been kidnapped because she was still in a vegetative state at Heller’s house.”

Chloe says, “Vegetative… I… Uh….” She sees the look on Jack’s face and quickly says, “This is really tough, Jack…”

2:28 pm – The doorbell rings. Darrin goes to the door and opens it. A white-haired man steps in the house, “Darrin! I hope you have those new ads ready. Mr. Hoggenswogger is still going to meet us here, right?”

Darrin says, “Uh, right…”

2:29 pm – Larry walks into the living room. “Oh! You have guests!” He shakes Jack’s hand. “Larry Tate. Glad to meet you.” Jack introduces himself. Larry looks past everyone and says, “Endora! What a pleasant surprise. Can I mix you a drink?” He heads for the mini-bar.

Everyone turns and is startled to see a red-haired woman in a flowery dress standing behind them. Endora says, “I’d be delighted.”

Chloe whispers to Morris, “Where the heck did she come from?”

Morris says, “I don’t know, but this place is starting to give me the creeps.”

Endora goes over to Larry and says, “You’re so kind. Not at all like Durwood here. He didn’t even think of offering me a drink.”

Larry says, “Darrin! I’m surprised at you. Why don’t you run along and get those ads? Mr. Hoggenswogger is going to be here to pick up those new advertisements soon.” Darrin leaves to get the ads.

Larry hands Jack a glass of Scotch, “What line of business did you say you were in, Jack?”

Jack thinks a moment and says, “Uh…Insurance.”

2:32 pm – Chloe let’s out a single, “Heh!” Morris elbows her in the ribs. Chloe elbows him back, but harder. Morris decides to stop before it escalates to tasers.

2:33 pm – A man comes into the room carrying a cardboard tube and hands them to Larry. Larry says, “Thanks, Darrin. I’m sure Mr. Hoggenswogger will be delighted with these.”

Chloe says, “Darrin? That’s not Darrin! He’s wearing the same suit, but that’s not him!”

The man and Larry look at each other, and then back at Chloe. Larry says, “What are you talking about? That’s Darrin Stephens! You haven’t had a drink yet, have you? Here, let me get you one?”

Chloe says, “That’s not him! What is it with you people and all this drinking? You have doubles of Samantha; Darrin leaves and he comes back and says he’s Darrin. Maybe you people drink too much, because these things sure are slipping past you.”

Jack pulls Chloe aside, near the front door and says, “There’s obviously something going on here, but we still have to figure out what’s going on so we can go after those terrorists! Didn’t we decide to ‘embrace the weirdness’? Well, it’s getting really weird, so embrace it!”

Samantha walks downstairs, “Aunt Clara is going to be fine.”

2:35 pm – Chloe looks in the mirror while fixing her hair and mumbles, “Jack! She’s blonde again! She must be using spray on hair color!”

Jack whispers to her, “Embrace the weirdness!” He walks back to the living room.

A voice says, “That’s right, honey! And that hair is MILES better than yours!” Chloe looks into the mirror and sees a man in a flowered shirt standing behind her. She turns around, but doesn’t see anyone. She looks back into the mirror. The man is still there, and he waves at her. Chloe faints.

Samantha looks over as Chloe falls to the floor. She yells, “Uncle Arthur! Stop that this instant! Come out of that mirror!” Samantha wiggles her nose. Larry stops in mid-conversation with Bill. Everyone else is unaffected. Bill waves his hand in front of Larry’s face, but Larry stands stone still.

Jack, Morris and Bill run over to Chloe. The man in the flowered shirt that Chloe saw appears out of nowhere. “What happened? She couldn’t take a little criticism about her hair?”

Samantha looks startled when she realizes she didn’t freeze everyone as planned. “How are you still moving around?”

Endora says, “I don’t think we can affect them, Samantha. I tried putting a hex on the bald one a few minutes ago, and I couldn’t. It just changed the color of his shirt. They look harmless enough. I don’t think they’re with them.”

Morris looks down at himself and says, “Hey, Eudora is right! My shirt is a different color!”

“It’s Endora, you toad!” Endora hisses.

Jack says, “Wait! What do you mean? Them? Them who?”

Samantha says, “I want to know what’s going on! Who are you people? Who sent you? The Witches’ Council?”

Jack says, “Witches’ Council? We’re from CTU. What’s going on here? Who are you people?”

Endora says, “I might ask you the same thing!”


2:43 pm – Jack says, “I’ll explain in a minute. I have to help my friend.”

Uncle Arthur says, “She hit her head, Sammy. Better get a doctor.”

Samantha looks down at Chloe and says, “Oh, no! Calling Dr. Bombay! Calling Dr. Bombay! Emergency! Come right away!”

An instant later, a man with a tennis racket appears out of thin air.

Dr. Bombay says, “Samantha, Endora!”

Samantha says, “What are you doing with that tennis racket?”

Dr. Bombay says, “I’ve been teaching my nurse a thing or two about tennis! Love all, you might say! Haw! Haw!”

Samantha says, “Dr. Bombay, you have to help this woman. She’s hit her head.”

Dr. Bombay replies, “Oh dear! Let me have a look.” He examines Chloe’s head. “Why, she’s a mortal! She’s not a witch”

Morris says, “You should try being married to her…”

Jack explains, “This is going to sound strange, but we’re not from here. We’re from another place and time.”

Uncle Arthur says, “Where would that be? New York?”

2:46 pm – Endora says, “This could be a case of inter-dimensional travel! That certainly would explain the others.”

Jack says, “Others? What others?”

Samantha and Darrin look at each other a moment. Darrin nods to Samantha.

Samantha says, “We were contacted by someone a few days ago. He’s going to be here any minute to pick up those advertisements from Darren.”

Darrin says, “Larry thinks Mr. Hoggenswogger is a client. Hoggenswogger told me that if I told anyone about this, he’d expose our secret to the government! Everyone will know Samantha’s a witch!”

Samantha says, “I tried to put a hex on him, but he’s not affected in any way!”

Jack asks, “What did he look like?”

Darrin says, “That’s the odd thing. He and the men he was with were dressed entirely in black!”

Jack says, “Those sound just like people from the group we’ve been chasing!”

Endora says, “I told you no good would come of marrying Dum-Dum here. If the Witches’ Council finds out about this, they’ll take away your powers!”

2:48 pm – Dr. Bombay tells everyone, “She’ll be fine. Just a couple of aspirin, and she’ll be right as rain.” He tells Chloe, “Pleasure to ‘serve’ you. Haw! Serve!” He raises his tennis racket and disappears.


2:53 pm – There’s a knock at the door. Jack calls Darrin and Samantha over and says, “I have a plan!” He explains what to do. There’s another knock at the door.

Jack motions for Chloe, Bill and Morris to move out of sight. Jack hides behind the door as Darrin goes to answer the door.

2:54 pm – Three men are at the door. They’re holding guns and don’t wait to be asked to come inside. The lead man says, “Do you have them?” Darrin hands him the cardboard tube.

As Darrin does this, Jack jumps him from behind, catching him by surprise. The other two men turn towards Jack as he yells, “Now!”

Samantha wiggles her noses and suddenly all three men are dressed like Little Bo Peep and are holding flowers! Jack side kicks one of the men as the other two run out the door, leaving their companion behind. Outside, a woman screams: “ABNER! ABNER!”

2:55 pm – Bill runs outside and sees that Mrs. Kravitz has been watching through the window. She says, “I saw the whole thing! That white-haired man is frozen! The three men that just walked in there! They came out wearing costumes! What’s going on around here?”

Bill says, “I… I… I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Samantha and Darrin come running outside. Bill thinks for a moment and says, “Have you been drinking?”

Mrs. Kravitz says, “Drinking? I should say not! I only drink tea that Abner makes for me in the morning!”

Bill says, “Well, maybe there’s something in that tea you’ve been drinking? You know, some types of tea leaves have hallucinogenic properties…”

Mrs. Kravitz considers this for a moment. She puts her fists on her hips and starts back towards her house screaming, “ABNER!!”

Samantha says, “I don’t know why we never thought of that before!”

2:57 pm – They all go back inside, where Jack is struggling with ‘Mr. Hoggenswogger’. Jack says, “Who are you working with!” He pulls back his fist to punch the man in the face saying, “OK! You asked for it!” The man disappears.

Jack sighs and looks at the ceiling, “Oh come on! Just one punch!”

2:58 pm – Bill says, “What was so important about those ads?”

Darrin says, “It was nothing really. It was just an issue ad they wanted me to write up for some government magazine. It was protesting the creation of something called Counter Terrorism Unit. Why would someone want to terrorize a counter? That doesn’t make any sense!”

2:59 pm – There’s a flash of light.

Jack, Bill, Morris and Chloe are standing in a large pit with gravel all around them.

3:00 pm – Time’s up!