Survivor: I’m Not As Dumb As I Look

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Spoilers Ahead
Tonight’s Survivor: China episode was entitled, “I’m Not As Dumb As I Look”, and while that might be true, that confidence made for an interesting tribal council tonight.

Something that I hoped for last season happened tonight: Someone tried to play an immunity idol… that wasn’t an immunity idol. Last year, Yau-man tried to create a fake immunity idol, but no one took the bait and tried to play it. This year, completely accidentally, Jamie thought she found an immunity idol, but was pretty surprised in the end to find out that it wasn’t an immunity idol at all. Classic Survivor… Just when a player thinks they have things figured out, there’s a twist they didn’t expect.

It wasn’t all that dumb of a thing to try, because if it really had been an immunity idol, and she didn’t play it, it would have been a stupid move. Going in that confidentially, and saying they couldn’t wait to see people’s faces when she pulled out that “idol”… Well, she had a good look at their faces, but it wasn’t what she was hoping to see.

But she is on the jury, so she’ll be heard from again, as I’m sure Jean-Robert will. He’s destined for that jury pool as things stand now.

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