Survivor China: High School Friends Contest

Survivor China Image
Last week’s episode, where Jamie thought she was going to pull out an immunity idol (but didn’t), was classic, and there was another classic moment in the making this week, but it didn’t come to pass. It looked like everything was lining up for James to be voted off, and you could tell by the look on his face during tribal council that he thought he’d made a huge mistake. If he had been voted off, it would have been another survivor classic: First ever voted off with TWO immunity idols.

Speaking of huge mistakes, Jean-Robert made a big miscalculation by not realizing how things had been playing out behind the scenes. I was surprised he came up with the same plan as Todd to vote of James, and even more surprised they didn’t follow through.

I think that was a big strategic mistake. They could have voted off Jean-Robert whenever they liked after James. If James didn’t really realize they were gunning for him before, he knows it for sure now, and his guard will be up.

Denise was pretty much left out of everything this episode. First the challenge, and then the votes. I’m surprised they didn’t go to her to shore up her vote, because now she probably feels like more of an outsider. That means her vote is up for grabs, and in any maneuvering that might happen, that vote will count.

Question is: Who’s next? Peih-Gee?