DirecTV buys ReplayTV

I’m very disappointed that DirecTV bought ReplayTV. Earlier this year DirecTV announced that in January 2008 they were going to upgrade the ancient TiVo software in the DVRs they used to sell. I took that as a sign they were going to start a new alliance with TiVo and possibly bring TiVo back to DirecTV. I appears that was done just to fulfill a contractual obligation.

Now, you might be asking what the heck ReplayTV is. It was the first company to bring a DVR to market. I even participated in the beta test for this product, and bought one as soon as they came out. I used it until they filed for bankruptcy. I bought a TiVo that very day. ReplayTV eventually came out of bankruptcy, and continued, but after getting the TiVo I ever looked back.

What does this mean for Dish Network? No telling. TiVO won a jury verdict against EchoStar (Dish’s parent company) and is forcing Dish to stop selling it’s DVR boxes.

I love my TiVo, but currently use the Dish Network DVR on the “main TV” because it has two tuners (one of them can be used with a remote in another room). The TiVo still chugs along in the rec room.

I really like the user interface for TiVo. It’s well laid out, and is easy to use. I can’t wait to replace that Dish Network DVR… the interface on it really stinks.

Do you use a TiVo, ReplayTV, MythTV, or other DVR? Do you like it?

3 thoughts on “DirecTV buys ReplayTV”

  1. Steve, I just got Dish’s latest HD DVR (the 722) and it’s fantastic. The interface is MUCH better than the older 510 that I had. Not sure if you have had the chance to see the newer ones, but there have been some major improvements.

  2. I’ll have to check to see which one I have. It’s standard def, so I bet it’s a 510.

    How did you get it? Just pay for the upgrade, or were they running a special?

  3. Ugh. I’d rather not relate the entire story, for fear of returning nightmares.

    To keep it short, I called ’em up and said I wanted to upgrade my equipment to two HD-DVRs (I had a standard def DVR and a HD Receiver). They had to put an extra dish pointed to the SE (exising one points SW)…but in the end, I’m very happy. Has a Tivo like option called DishPASS where it can record shows that match y0ur search criteria…nice!

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