LOST Season 3 Finale With Annoying Text

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Season 3 Finale! With Pop-up text! Sounded like a great idea!


From the very first message, I knew what they did was a big mistake: They gave away the surprise ending! If you were one of the last LOST fans to see the finale, it ruined the ending right there. Phrases like “fancy phone”, and other things made those messages pretty annoying.

In the end, I just ignored the messages and watched the show. I hope they never do that again.

I did realize something that I hadn’t noticed before: Sawyer called Hurley, “Hugo”. Remember when Sawyer was reading through all the messages that people put in the bottle? He wondered out loud about the message that Hurley wrote, because it said something about the $150+ million. Maybe I missed it (and if I did, please let me know which episode it was in), but I don’t think Sawyer ever said anything about that to Hurley… Did he?

Looking forward to the premiere tomorrow! I can’t wait!

6 thoughts on “LOST Season 3 Finale With Annoying Text”

  1. The pop-up text was horrible – giving away the ending, being snarky, making fun of the show. Completely wrong tone. I could do a better job and I’m not even in the industry.

  2. 5 minutes in, I wanted to watch without my glasses on, so I couldn’t see the text. (of course then I couldn’t see the show either, so…..) Awful, and completely annoying. Can’t wait until tonight, though!!

  3. OK – I didn’t get to watch because I was out and couldn’t watch the DVR because I was exhausted when I got home. NOW I’m not so sorry! Guess I’ll just watch a few minutes to get the flavor of it, but then…Click!!!

  4. Seteve, are they going to do the same thing with the special tonight? Because I can skip it and watch the season premiere later. I want to go in wide eyes, not annoyed!

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