Thoughts Before Tonight’s LOST Premiere

Season 4 Premiere
Some of the fathers on LOST are pretty powerful figures, or have positions of power. Sun’s father, Mr. Paik, is the CEO of Paik Heavy Industries and is powerful enough to have guys that round around a beat people up (or worse). Charles Widmore is a wealthy industrialist. Kate’s stepfather was a military commander in the Gulf War. Jack’s father was the head of surgery.

When Naomi came on the island, she said that Flight 815 had been found. If the people backing what’s happening on the island wanted to keep it a secret, what better way than to stage a fake aircraft crash site? It would keep people from looking for survivors, and keep the island a secret. We’ve seen Widmore Construction (the banner on a power station in “Fire+Water”), Widmore Labs (which made the pregnancy tests and the balloon that the real Henry Gale used), and Widmore Industries (the office building in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”).

I think Widmore with the resources he probably has is capable of staging something like a plane crash.

We’ve seen many military personnel in the show and know that Kelvin and Kate’s father knew each other.

Is Ben trying to keep these men away from the island, so he can harness the healing properties or whatever else the island has for the common good? Or is working with them? Or neither?

What will happen if the castaways find out that…

… Jack’s father was involved with medical procedures, and was using Island medicine (wow that sounds weird… “Island medicine”…heh) to cure Sarah?

… Kate’s father helped organize all the military operatives (like Kelvin, and possibly Greta and Bonnie from the Looking Glass station) to get the on the island?

… Mr. Paik helped build the structures of the island, along with Widmore?

… Charles Widmore is not only staging everything in the ocean, but he actively tried to make sure Desmond got on the island by getting Libby to give Desmond the boat, and making sure Desmond was put on that island?

I think their kids would be pretty upset…


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