LOST: The Beginning of the End

Spoilers ahead

First, another question left over from last season: How did Penny know to broadcast on that frequency to talk to Charlie?

OK…on to tonight’s episode of LOST: The Beginning of the End

I enjoyed it. A ton of unanswered questions, a few easter eggs, … well, it wouldn’t be LOST with out that, would it?

All in all, I enjoyed the show. I saw right off that it was Hurley in that car (his hands gave it away). The fact that Charlie is dead, but not really, brings up two really interesting things about what we’re seeing: 1) Christian and Yemi were likely the same sort of manifestations from something on the island, and 2) we saw Charlie when he was OFF the island.

Does that mean that the island is doing that? That was my first thought, but while I was mulling this over, I think it’s more likely that Charlie is bounding around in time the same way that Desmond did last season. I think both Christian is doing the same thing, and that’s what Jack saw in Season One.

The “did you notice” things:

The “flash forward” scenes in this episode occurred before the “flash forward” scenes from last year’s finale because Jack said he was thinking of growing a beard.

That was Christian sitting in the chair when Hurley looked in the cabin.

That “fancy phone” comment from yesterday that seemed so out of place in yesterday’s disastrous “popup video”-style show was a phrase that Rose used during tonight’s premiere.

Hurley referenced the same thing that Jack said in last year’s finale: They’re not telling the truth about what happened to them.

That’s it for now… In the words of Locke, “We’re going to have to watch that again”.

4 thoughts on “LOST: The Beginning of the End”

  1. I may be hallucinating myself… Did you see a Dharma logo either on a wall or a truck as Hurley’s car sped?

  2. Actually, I saw the Dharma logo in the cabin window when Hurley was looking at it! It wasn’t a full logo…it was broken in the lower left…I need to go back and watch again. But I’m 100% certain I saw it.

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