Incredible Hulk Movie Trailer

New Incredible Hulk movie coming:

4 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk Movie Trailer”

  1. I think this looks absolutely terrible.

    I’ll stick my neck out and predict that this will be one of the biggest Box-Office Turkeys of the year.


  2. When I first saw the “Monster” that the Hulk was going to fight, I thought *THAT* was going to be the new Hulk.

    Some how, comic books very rarely translate well to movies. The first X-Men movie was good. Spiderman was OK. Hell Boy was kind of OK…

    I think if they get someone (maybe like Kevin Smith) that knows about comics to do a movie they’ll stand a chance, but until then…

  3. I don’t know – it looks WAY better than the last Hulk movie…..

    I thought the same thing about the monster, Steve.

  4. I hope I’m wrong, I really do.

    I want this movie to be everything that the original should have been… and more.

    But something just seems ‘off’ about this whole production.

    Teaser trailers should leave you gasping for more – fully pumped to see the final product. But this just bored me.

    And why are we only getting our first look NOW? This movie is just a few short months away and the effects work still looks amateurish.

    Not to mention the rumblings I’ve heard about behind the scenes between the producers and Ed Norton regarding the final cut.

    My Spider-Sense is tingling…….

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