LOST: Ji Yeon

Daniel Dae Kim

Spoilers ahead:

Before we start in on tonight’s episode, a quick thought:

It’s really interesting that Lost’s signature flashbacks and flashforwards mimic Desmond’s (and presumably Faraday’s) jumping back and forth through time. I’m not sure if this was really intentional from the beginning, but it really stands out since I’ve thought of this.

OK… One more thing: There sure is a lot of kissing going on in this show for a bunch of people that haven’t had a lot of ready access to toothpaste.

Anyway… On to thoughts about tonight’s show:

I’m beginning to think I’m going to need to live blog this show. About half way through I called a friend to tell him what I noticed was going on, but he hadn’t started watching yet. My wife was my only witness to this…. you’d believe her, right?

About midway through the show, I realized that Jin was running around like a crazy man because he was on an errand for Mr. Paik, not hurrying to get to Sun and he was likely in a different timeline. The phone calls were too frequent, Sun was in a hotel room when she started having contractions – there were other signs too. I will fess up and say that after a bit, I switched to thinking that it wasn’t a different timeline, but that Sun and Jin had split up and Jin still worked for Paik. Should have gone with my first instinct.

I don’t think Regina’s behavior had anything to do with the island. I think my theory about Naomi and Regina was right, and Regina just completely lost it and committed suicide over it.

Walt is no where to be seen and Michael is working for Ben as I said in another theory. Ben must be threatening Walt in some way if Michael has gone on that boat to help Ben.

Despite what the captain said, and the theory I wrote about Ben and the crash site, I admit I was surprised to hear him blame it on Ben. Whatever Ben’s “powers” are, or what kind of clout he has – well, that’s some pretty big mojo. How in the heck did he do that? I’m beginning to think that Ben actually does have some kind of powers, or at least some kind of control over space/time. How else could have have gotten a plane out into the middle of the ocean without anyone noticing? Questions, questions.

One thing I’m relatively sure about though – I don’t think Jin is dead, and he’s still on the island. I think that’s just his empty grave site, which would be there whether he was really dead or not. Sun wouldn’t have been able to explain NOT wanting a grave site, and people around her would want to do it. I think she was talking to the gravestone as a way of just talking to Jin. The counter argument to this is: Why would Hurley suggest they go visit that gravesite? Why would he say “good” when Sun told him no one else was coming. And by “no one else”, I took that to mean Jack or Kate. I guess that could have meant that he just didn’t want to go with anyone else but Sun. If he is alive, that would be the reason Sun would go back. (And I am assuming all the survivors will end up going back to the island).

That makes the Oceanic Five So Far: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Aaron and Sun. (Edit Rich P rightly points out that Sayid is #6). The more this goes on, I think the last person to round out the Six is John Locke, and that’s who’s going to end up being in that coffin. I’m sure that Ben still considers Locke a threat, and, just like Goodwin, will get him “out of the way”, as soon as possible. If Ben ends up killing someone so in tune with the island… what would that mean?

Anyway, that’s it for now. What did you think of the show?

10 thoughts on “LOST: Ji Yeon”

  1. Yes, you’re right of course. Some sites don’t count Aaron as on of the six, but I think he’s one.

  2. I knew, from the first time I saw his *cell phone* that Jin was in the past…not in the same timeline as Sun. Don’t ask me how…I just knew it. So no surprise there.

    I knew Michael would be on the boat…but he does look older, so I surmise that Walt is simply not with him, or, as you theorized, he’s being held so that Michael is compelled to find the island again (I think it’s much more likely Widmore has him than Ben).

  3. Arrrrggg – my DVR didn’t work last night, and I missed the first part of the show…..grrrrrr Now I have to wait for ABC to put it up online.

  4. Sthnbelle,

    Was that on a Dish DVR?

    My Dish DVR didn’t pick up at first either. I had to stop it and restart. I’m enough of a tech guy to have a TiVo too, I was able to see the first part on that.

  5. Did anyone else notice that the work Jin was doing was in China? He and Sun are from Korea… not sure if this has any signifigance, but thought it was important to point out…

  6. The parallel stories in different timelines for Jin and Sun were extremely clever, I thought.

    From what we have seen, time moves more slowly on the island than elsewhere – that would explain Michael looking older, and if Widmore is holding Walt, why Walt looked older when he appeared to Locke.

    I don’t think Jin was in China – he addressed the older man as “Mr. Ambassador” – I assumed he was the Chinese ambassador to Korea.

    It does seem obvious that there are still survivors alive on the island – the Oceanic Six have been lying like crazy about everything that happened before they were rescued, so why not about this?

    I’m still thinking it is either Michael or possibly Walt in the coffin – Michael is the only survivor from New York, he’s not one of the Oceanic Six but did get off the island, and I can’t see Jack weeping for Ben’s demise.

  7. If you go back and freeze on the Tombstone the death date reads September 22, 2004, the date of the plane crash. This tells me that the grave was created by someone who thought he had died in the plane crash and not Sun because it appears a considerable amount of time has passed since she got off the island (at least 3 months because she didn’t die in here 2nd Trimester) during which she could have had Jin’s grave made or corrected in the event he did in fact die either would have a different date. Per Sayid and Desmond its December 24, 2004 in “real time”. I think Jin’s alive on the island, but maybe it appeared he died when Sun left the island which would explain the visit to the grave.

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