LOST: Interview with Ben

Ben Linus
Ain’t It Cool News has an interview with Michael Emerson, who plays Ben on LOST, which has a few tantalizing hints on what’s coming up soon!

Emerson mentions that Ben might have had to give something up in order to get that smoke monster to appear. That got me wondering: What did he give up? Part of himself? Part of his soul? What did he give it up to? The island?

Consider this: If it is the island, then he is likely not the first person to do this. In fact, Jacob might have done this in the past. Jacob might have done this so much that he’s now part of the island itself.

That black soot all over Ben when he came back out of the secret room (a secret room inside a secret room…gotta love that), might be the same stuff that they found outside encircling the cabin.

Anyway, enough of that. Read the interview, and comment here if you’d like. Interesting tidbit: Michael is married to the woman who portrayed Ben Linus’ mother.

(Thanks to John!)