Lost: The Shape of Things To Come

There was so much happening in this episode, it’s crazy.

Let’s see.. the random weirdness for tonight’s episode was:

The ship’s doctor died, but the people on the ship say he’s OK.

Ben has the ability to travel off the island using the same, or similar, method that got the polar bears off the island.

Ben wanted Locke to survive that ambush so they could go to Jacob together.

Ben had to ask the year when he finally made it to civilization, so the travel method he uses isn’t completely accurate. The date was Oct. 24, 2005.

For some reason, Nadia died. I don’t think she was the intended target. I think the target was Sayid. If that’s true, then the rest of the Oceanic 6 could be in trouble. Is the reason they’re not talking that Widmore has threatened them?

I was surprised that Alex died. That appears to be one of the reasons that Ben is going after people.

Ben’s secret panel with a room behind it has ANOTHER secret panel in it, leading to … Well, at first I thought it was Jacob, but it wasn’t him. Wonder what he did?

Ben smiled after Sayid volunteered to go after people for Ben. I think a lot of people, myself included, thought Sayid was doing this to help people stuck on the island.

Ben’s reaction to Alex’s death, “He changed the rules”. We found out later he meant Widmore, not Jacob.

Bernard knows Morse code, and Faraday finally admitted that they had no intention of taking anyone off the island.

Ben can’t kill Widmore??

Penny’s in trouble. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Ben tries to go after her, or if he tries to get Sayid to go after her.

That “He changed the rules” comment got me thinking. Did Widmore and Ben have some kind of uneasy truce? Widmore’s comments like “All you have you have from me”, MUST mean that he in some way financed either The Others or Dharma at some point. They must have had some kind of agreement that no one in either of their families would get hurt, in case it came to that.

All in all, a surprising episode in many ways.

What did you think of it?

6 thoughts on “Lost: The Shape of Things To Come”

  1. Read your twitter during the episode. Loved the red shirt comment.

    Just a completely random thought…but are we perhaps seeing two ‘immortal’ type beings duking it out? That have fought one another for ages…? I hope that’s not the case…

  2. I was thinking about the whole Charles/Ben thing. Maybe Ben can’t kill him for the same reason Michael couldn’t shoot himself… The island is preventing it.

  3. I got the distinct feeling that Ben set up Sayid to manipulate him into taking out his list of “offenders.” Nadia’s “killer” seemed more than a little puzzled when Ben mentioned Widmore and that smirk of his sent waves of nausea through me.

    Also, exactly how did Sayid get into Irak? In 2005, wouldn’t he had been “persona non grata” in those parts and possibly a target?

    Australia is the key?

  4. I was thinking that maybe Ben can’t kill Charles because Charles is Ben’s constant??? What do you think?

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