Live Blogging Something Nice Back Home

Update: I’ll write something up about tonight’s show in a bit.

Update: What could POSSIBLY cause Claire to leave Aarron behind?

Update: Aaron’s alone. Not a good sign for Claire.

Update: Claire just left??

Update: Don’t fight in front of the kids. This must be that fight that lead to the final scene.

Update: I was doing something for Sawyer? Sawyer must be alive still.

Update: “I’m going to ask you to trust me?” oh oh…

Update: If she’s going to see Jack’s dad, that would blow my mind.

Update: Who the heck is Kate going to see?

Update: Interesting way of telling Kate that Jack loves Kate.

Update: Kate’s thinking that “Hey! I’ve done that! With a regular needle too!”

Update: Commercials, again. I’m beginning to think that the island is a way station between our world, and the world beyond.

Update: SWEET! Claire/Jack’s dad holding Aaron!

Update: Alcohol with the drugs… Not a good idea.

Update: Was Kate really on the phone with “Noreen”? Doubt it. Use the caller id Jack, or the redial…

Update: Oh, and the island really could use a smoke detector. Probably a truckload.

Update: Not sleeping well at night? Like Widmore?

Update: Dang, I swear Jack was going to wake up on the floor under that smoke detector after talking to his dad.

Update: Dad with tennis shoes no less.

Update: Beep, beep. Bet that’s Dad.

Update: That was hard to watch. Yikes.

Update: Ok, I didn’t want to watch the surgery channel.

Update: Bernard is a dentist.

Update: Score one for THG!

Update: Hope Juliet doesn’t plan on using that fire to cauterize the scar.

Update: Guy (in the comments section) suggests that Charlotte understand Korean. I bet he’s right. (Nice catch, THG!)

Update: Commercials (again). Jack’s upcoming obsession with getting back to the island must drive a wedge between them. He and Kate didn’t look like they’d talked in a while in that finale.

Update: And she accepted!

Update: Proposal! Didn’t see that coming either.

Update: Jack sitting in from of the mental hospital? That seems uncharacteristic. Unless he’s already having doubts, and realized he did see his father.

Update: Kate still sluggish about wanting to help with during surgery on Jack. It’s like old times.

Update: What was a close call with Aaron.

Update: Frank bursting through the jungle. Keamy made it? So did some of the others….

Update: Jin’s promise… well, we know he didn’t make it back to the mainland.

Update: Dan with a crush on Charlotte? Didn’t see that coming.

Update: And they’re back.

Update: Wonder what his Dad is going to tell him? Anyway, seeing his father like that must have been what Jack was referring to when he told the doctor in the finale about his dad.

Update: Commercials. That message to Jack was the same thing the psychic told Claire. Jack’s desire to get back to the island must be driven by this message. I think that means it’s likely Claire is still on the island, and still alive.

Update: Hurley was crying… Nice “Someone’s going to be visiting you too… soon”. Must be Dad.

Update: Message from Charlie…. You’re not supposed to raise him, Jack…… Yikes.

Update: Ah, it’s after the trial.

Update: Hurley alert too.

Update: Dad alert!

Update: Interesting choice for Jack to want Kate for this.

Update: GOOD CATCH ROSE! I didn’t even think of that. The island must want Jack to stay.

Update: Sawyer handing out restraining order… LOL

Update: Good catch, Guy. I didn’t notice that.

Update: Commercials again. When the writer’s do something like Jack having appendicitis, I always wonder what purpose that has. To get Jack out of the way and vulnerable? To get him closer to Juliet?

Update: Diagnosis is: Appendix problems… Bingo.

Update: Guess Danielle isn’t coming back either.

Update: Whoa… Who buried them?

Update: Jack’s got appendicitis. Claire is saying things.

Update: Must be after the trial, but before the last episode of last season.

Update: Jack talking about his dad in the past tense.

Update: Reading to Aaron.

Update: By the way, if you’re following along, write stuff in the comments if you’d like.

Update: Commercials. About car foam. You’d think they would have figured that out by now.

Update: Ah…. with Kate. Was that a scar on Jack’s belly above the towel?

Update: Maybe we’ll find out why Jack starts downing those pills…. Whoa…Panties and toys? Is he staying with a relative?

Update: Passing out. Not a good sign.

Update: Turmoil at Jack Camp.

Update: Lost starts now…

Update: We’ll see how well this works…

Update: Twitter is really broken tonight. Live blogging here.

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  1. I think Charlotte understands Korean…keep in mind, she was in Tunisia/wherever when they found the polar bear..I bet she understands Jin/Sun. Which is Not A Good Thing.

  2. I want to say that Jack Bauer would have never bought that “Noreen” story and there’d be a bloody thigh…

  3. It’s official. “I’ve been dead for 12 years” My head just exploded.

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