Lost: Something Nice Back Home

I don’t think this episode was quite as high impact as the last one, but it did have it’s moments. In the “I didn’t see that coming” category we have: Rose questioning why Jack would be getting sick; Charlotte speaking Korean (good catch TropicHunt.com Guy!); Jack’s proposal to Kate.

How in the world could Kate doing something for Sawyer get Jack that upset? I think it deflects the real question though: Who was Kate talking to?

What happened to Claire that lead her to leave Aaron behind? Where did she go? Did Christian take her away to wherever he has been all this time?

I loved the fact that when Jack saw Christian, he was wearing those white tennis shoes. It didn’t appear to me that Christian was wearing a suit when he was holding Aaron though.
And did you catch the previews? Horace (from Dharma) saying that he’s been dead for 12 years?
How many dead people have we seen running around? Christian, Yemi, Horace (well next week), Charlie…

The strange thing is, Charlie seems to know he died, and from the previews it sounds like Horace does too.

Does this mean the island is some kind of way point between worlds? Some property of the island make it possible to not only communicate with the dead, but bring them back in some way?

That does explain why they wanted Miles on the island, at least to some extent.

As last week, a lot of things to digest.

One last thing…. Did Jack have a scar when he was in that towel or not?

What did you think of tonight’s show?

3 thoughts on “Lost: Something Nice Back Home”

  1. Personally, I think it was interesting that they threw in two elements which brought us back to the beginning of the series:
    – the image of Jack in his suit with the pills in his jacket pocket and drinking (as he was on the plane)
    – the image of Juliet stitching Jack back up (similar to Kate doing the same thing for him in the pilot)

    Yeah, it could be that they’re making him to be like his father…but nonetheless…the imagery was pretty striking.

  2. So Jack’s strength comes from women patching him up every time he is broken?

  3. Randomness.

    1)Was that a Milleneum Falcon toy Jack tripped over…I SO want one now.
    2)It struck me as weird too during the show that Jack suddenly develops a threat to his health on the island when it seems to have cured others(excluding Ben of course)
    3)I’ve got a crush on Charrlotte too(now that Alex and Naomi are gone)..
    I was practically yelling at the screen…REDIAL!!!!!!
    4)I have a strange feeling that we(or anyone else) will EVER see Claire again.

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