You Need To Watch Hour 1 Of LOST’s Finale This Week

You might be thinking of skipping the first hour of the three hour LOST extravaganza this Thursday, just because it’s a repeat of the show a couple of weeks ago, but I’m telling you that you shouldn’t miss it!

Why? On This week’s LOST podcast, we find out that the expanded hour will feature more questions and answers at the Oceanic 6 news conference. How relevant will this be to the story line? Not sure, but if you’re a die hard LOST fan, you won’t want to miss it!

Are we going to find out if there’s another person on that plane, like we’ve already seen?

We’ll see!

3 thoughts on “You Need To Watch Hour 1 Of LOST’s Finale This Week”

  1. Well, damn, that means I’ll be up even later (since I won’t even get to start watching ’till about 9:15 or so…)

  2. Kali.Amanda… I think after it’s over we’re all going to be sitting there going … “What the….?”

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