LOST: Shadowy Figure On The Plane

Here’s something to mull over the holiday weekend. Take a look at this picture from part 1 of the season 4 finale of LOST:

It looks pretty much how you remember it, right? But… What about that shadowy figure behind Karen Decker (she’s the Oceanic representative). What shadowy figure? Well, look at this:

It could just be a flight officer, but I consider that pretty unlikely, given that Jack and the rest were talking pretty openly about keeping quiet about what happened.

Who is that shadowy figure?

5 thoughts on “LOST: Shadowy Figure On The Plane”

  1. andy’s response seems plausible, but a C-130 has a enlisted person on-board called a Loadmaster. That person’s job is to ensure the cargo (or personnel) are safely in the bay and get out safely. It could be that simple and could be a bit of a PR boost for the Coast Guard (why didn’t they simply land at Hickam AFB or Pearl Harbor away from the press anyways? It’s not like the press have a right to be on military installations…)

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