Many People Upset By The Netflix Policy Change

As I’ve mentioned before, they’re changing the multi-queue policy at Netflix in September, and a lot of people are upset about it.

David Pogue as a posting about it, and he hasn’t gotten a reasonable answer about why the change is happening either.

There are a couple of reasons I can think of that they might be doing this. One is to cut costs. I find this a bit hard to swallow, unless they really have a screwy system (which I doubt).

The other is that they might be making a big push to go from DVDs to more Internet based downloads. They did recently release a device to make watching Netflix movies easier. I could only see them making this change if they made a very big push to make their products download only.

Doesn’t seem to be the reason they would just kill off the secondary queues though. If they were going to a purely download based service, there wouldn’t be a need for the other queues, but there also wouldn’t be a need to tell us they’re killing them either.

I guess we’ll wait to see what happens. I’m thinking of cutting down my Netflix subscription because of it though.

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