Hell’s Kitchen: Corey, Petrozza and Christina Battle It Out

If you missed Hell’s Kitchen last night, here’s the episode. My comments are after the video.


When it came down to the final service, every one of them screwed up in some way. Corey didn’t handle the hot plate, Petrozza didn’t catch some sabotage from Chef Scott, and Christina fell apart at her station.

Of the three, Petrozza screwed up less than the other two, so I was sure he’d make it in to the finals. I did think that Ramsay made the right decision in picking Christina, simply because she won so many challenges.

That’s one of the good differences between a show like this and a show like Top Chef. In Top Chef, you can win several challenges in a row, but if you don’t cook well one week, you’re out. A lot of that game is “screw up less than your opponents that week”, which is why some chefs that won cooking challenges left before others. Ramsay took Cristina’s previous performance into account when he made that decision, and I think it was a good choice.

Now, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next week. Sure looks as though both Petrozza and Christina really screwed up service, and Gordon Ramsay will be left with a similar choice to what he did this week.

Now, if they had chefs of the caliber of Top Chef doing Hell’s Kitchen… That would be interesting.

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  1. I think Petrozza will choose Jen for next week, which leaves Christina with Matt,who will be her downfall, Petrozza will win and Jen will take credit. She is a stupid donut.

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