Dharma Test 1 Strategies

Dharma Wants You, the website set up to let you try out tests for the Dharma Initiative is finally letting people in… including me.

The first test is pictured above. You have to take the pieces you’re given, and make them fit into the square. You’ll use all but two of the pieces. A timer starts at 100 and counts down while you work on the puzzle. The score you get is the amount of time left on the clock when you complete the puzzle.

The first time I tried it, I got a score of 78, completing the puzzle in 22 seconds. You can retry the puzzle, so I did and got that score up to 84, which is solving it in 16 seconds.

Having said that, I can say that the score you get is dependent on what kind of pieces you get. If you get a lot of long thin diagonally-slanted pieces, you’ll spend a lot of time getting them to fit. The strategy I used was to try and fill the corners, if possible. Look for the pieces with straight vertical and/or horizontal lines. Once you do that, you’ll be more likely to see where the other pieces fit.

If you use this strategy, you’ll get up into the 70s (usually).

With all the folks doing the game, I bet we see top scores in the high 80s.

How did you do when you tried it?

One thought on “Dharma Test 1 Strategies”

  1. i gota 84 to
    its tha best i can do
    ive been tryin but i keep hettin high 70’s low 80’s

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