LOST – Because You Left – The Lie

Spoilers ahead

Love the “8:15” opening…

Great episodes! I’m glad the show is back.

Here are some thoughts:

First of all, how in the heck is a baby on the island in the first place? Dr. Chang’s baby, I mean. New arrival to the island? (You did catch that it’s Dr. Chang, not Dr. Candle, right? That name was also mentioned in the Comic-Con video).

Is Widmore after the “limitless” energy? Or the time travel? Or both? …Probably both.

“God help us all” – once from Candle, once from Mrs. Hawking.

When exactly did Daniel travel to that cave?

Does anyone believe that Kate wouldn’t be followed by those guys that came to check for Aaron?

Neil Forgurt has impeccable timing.

What makes Desmond “special”? Is it because he went through the massive power surge when the island exploded?

They really shoot that “special” word around a lot… Locke’s “special”. So was Walt. Are they all “special” in the same way? I think they must be. Are “The Others” immune this too? Is that why Alpert seems uneffected by the time shifts?

How does Sun know Ben is off the island, and why does she want to kill him? Does she blame him for Jin’s death?

Just have to love Hurley’s synopsis of the first four seasons too. I was expecting Hurley to knife Ben when they were in the kitchen together. Never expected him to run to the police.

So, Mrs. Hawking reappears! I kinda of expected that, but only because of Daniel saying that Desmond needs to find his mother at Oxford. Yep, it’s my guess that Mrs. Hawking is Desmond’s mother.

Is Locke really dead? Is the secret to get him back to the island, so he can travel back and forth through time?

With all this time shifting…. Is it Jack and Kate who were those skeletons found in the cave in season one? That theory became a lot more plausible with tonight’s episode.

When did Ben come to the realization that they all had to go back to the island? Was it something he always knew? Or did he find out something was going wrong, and consulted with Mrs. Hawking?

So… What did YOU think of the show?

5 thoughts on “LOST – Because You Left – The Lie”

  1. Also…

    “Okay. See, we did crash. But it was on this crazy island. I mean, we waited for rescue, and there wasn’t a rescue. And there was a smoke monster. And then there were other people on the island – we called them the Others, and they started attacking us. And we found some hatches and there was a button you had to push every 108 minutes or – well, I was never really clear on that. But – the Others didn’t have anything to do with the hatches, that was the Dharma Initiative. They were all dead – the Others killed them. And now they’re trying to kill us. And then we teamed up with the Others because some worse people were coming on a freighter. Desmond’s girlfriend’s father sent them to kill us. So we stole their helicopter and we flew it to their freighter, but it blew up. And we couldn’t go back to the island, because it disappeared. So then we crashed into the ocean, and we floated there for a while, until a boat came and picked us up. And by then there were six of us. That part was true.”

  2. I liked it. They packed a lot of action in those two hours. My favorite was Hurley’s recap, and Faraday trying to explain quantum physics and the essence of time to Sawyer, “Um, it’s relative…”

    Another question, how did Richard know that the next time he saw Locke he wouldn’t recognize him?

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