3 thoughts on “Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman”

  1. I think in the pantheon of weird Letterman interviews, this one tops Crispin Glover. Farrah was in a class by itself, so I don’t count it here. Mom thinks Joaquin is having a nervous breakdown. I believe he is doing a bad Andy Kaufman!

  2. I don’t know. Perhaps he is. I’ve seen people say he’s faking, others not. I mean…going into rap/hip-hop? REALLY? I..well…doubt that, so yeah, Andy Kaufan-ish is my impression. No doubt he did a good job, but does as skilled an actor as this need to take this type of risk and alienate studios from wanting to use him, if this is all a stunt to show what type of actor he can be?

  3. That’s precisely why Mom believes the kid is having a meltdown. She doesn’t think the studio would send him out to promote this film if he was going to deliberately sabotage his appearances and would never allow him to use their upcoming premiere to play act for some obscure art project…

    On the other hand, at the end of that interview, he takes off his sunglasses and turns to Dave and actually smiles and shakes his hand – as if the demonic possession loosened its grip for 3 seconds of cordial normalcy. I just don’t know!

    It remains interesting to watch, in a train-wrecky sort of way.

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