LOST – This Place Is Death

Spoilers ahead
Great episode! I liked everything about it… a few glimpses of things from the past, and some set-ups for the future.

We saw what was causing the island to hop around. Ben must be a lot stronger than he looks, because the “frozen donkey wheel” (as the producers called it) wasn’t set right. All that wobbling around causing the island to hop around, in time, and possibly otherwise. Now that Ben *and* Locke have touched that thing, I think First Rule Of Frozen Donkey Wheel is Don’t Touch Frozen Donkey Wheel! The big question is, where is Locke going to end up? How long will it take until he finds Ben?

I thought is was VERY interesting that Christian reminded Locke that HE was supposed to turn the wheel, not Ben. I wonder how that fits into the Grand Scheme? What difference would it make if Locke or Ben went? My question here isn’t so much “Why Locke?” as it is, “Why should Ben have stayed?”

And, as we suspected, Charlotte did spend some time on the island. (We also suspected Miles might have too…). She was able to leave the island with her mother, who denied that Charlotte was ever there… oh, and she probably met Dan when she was little too. When did that happen? Back when Dan in the tunnel just before they found the Wheel? Did Dan travel back again? Is he going to get stuck then, possibly even get caught up in The Purge of Dharma?

Did you notice how taken aback Ben was when Desmond said he was at the church to meet Faraday’s mother? Should be interesting to see how that plays out.

All in all, a great episode.

What did you think? Notice anything you’d like to add?

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  1. This may be totally unrelated, but it popped into my head…
    The second time the Israelites were whining about thirst in the desert, God told Moses to speak to the rock and water would come out. Well, Moses hit the rock with his staff rather than just speaking to it. Water still came out, but as a result…
    Moses was barred from entering the promised land himself.

    I wonder, since John messed up on moving the island by letting Ben do it, if in the very end, John is not allowed to stay on the island (I’m assuming everyone gets to go back to reality – whatever that it – at the end of the series) as much as he would dearly love to.

    Like I said, probably not related at all…

  2. It was a pretty good episode. I have a feeling this might not be the last time we see Charlotte, though.

    As for Christian, Locke still doesn’t know who he is. I believe he still thinks Christian is Jacob. But I do wonder exactly why Christian didn’t (or is it that he *couldn’t*) touch Locke. I’d think that the first instinct of a doctor would be to attend to the man’s injury.

    The other thing I noticed is that there has been no specific pattern to the flash/jumps for Sawyer’s group; but Jin seems to keep going back to Danielle. Do you think there is some significance to that?

  3. I believe Locke was told by Christian that he speaks for Jacob, so Locke should know that’s not Jacob.

  4. Okay, either I missed that already or I’m blanking it out.

    I’m still curious about Jin and Danielle though.

  5. Is Desmond going back to the island too? Is he supposed to? Ben never mentioned he was one of the people who needed to go back. I think the reason Faraday talked to Desmond is because only Desmond can change the past, and Faraday knows this from the episode the Constant. At the time, I think Faraday knew Charlotte would probably die, so he wanted to stop that by enlisting Desmond’s help

  6. Putting two and two together from your previous post on lost:

    Charlotte grew up on the Island +
    Charlotte speaks Korean =

    Charlotte is Pierre Chang’s daughter.

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