My Favorite LOST Theory From This Week

If you aren’t reading Jeff Jensen’s theories over at, you’re missing out on some great LOST stuff.

My favorite theory this week is from Jeff – gotta give credit where credit is due. So, get on with it…what’s the theory?

From Jeff:

Whatever. My big theory?

Grandpa Ray really isn’t Jack’s Grandpa.


Older. Wiser. Off The Island. And here, at this moment in his history, he’s helping his younger self along his path of destiny by giving him what he most needs: His father’s shoes.

I love this theory… it’s so off the wall that it would be just the thing LOST would do. How? Why? NO idea, but it’d sure be interesting to find out.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite LOST Theory From This Week”

  1. Would Jacob being an older Locke and Abbadon being an older Walt make it a bigger deal?

  2. Shouldn’t there be a physics problem with them meeting their “other” selves? I want to know why Hurley brought the guitar case — will it revitalize Charlie in some way? Who told Hurley to do that ?

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