LOST Might Continue After The Final Season

Word is that LOST might carry on in some way after the season finale. The franchise is worth billions (yes, with a “b”) of dollars, so ABC is bound to do something with it.

I think a “Next Gen” LOST would be a disaster of “After M*A*S*H” proportions. There are just some shows (and frankly, too few shows), that are meant to tell a story, and then be done. “Life on Mars” is a good example of this. Interesting story – tell it, and then be done.

Via Entertainment Weekly.

One thought on “LOST Might Continue After The Final Season”

  1. Ugh…please…no. End the story. Wrap the show. Move on. Make something new of similar caliber. Don’t stretch this…please.

    (Unless the Minnow washes ashore…with the Globetrotters…then I may stick around for one more ep)

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