LOST Theories: I’m My Own Grandpa

One of the things that seemed pretty heavy handed in Season 5 was the visit Jack made to his grandfather.

Jack went there to visit his grandfather, Ray. The grandfather asked about Kate. Jack noticed his father’s shoes, asked for them, and left.

Didn’t that seem a little “Paolo and Nikki”? And, by that I mean, didn’t that character seem to come out of nowhere? Sure did to me.

I’ve speculated before that Jack’s grandfather might actually be Jack himself. I don’t think that’s entirely out of the question. We know that he’s been trying to escape the retirement home he’s in. He’s stated that he’d escape and claimed, “They won’t ever find me, either.” He had a pair of Christian’s shoes, which he’d need if he were trying to recreate a plane trip to the island.

Let’s say for a moment that it’s true. What would be the ramifications of this? Well, first, it means that Jack won’t be dead by the end of the show, at least not the younger Jack we’ve been watching all this time. Second, it could mean that Jack is actually Christian’s father. (How’s that for a mindbender?) Third, it means that somehow, likely to save people on the island, that Jack will travel back in time. My guess would be that he’ll end up pushing wheel sometime in the future, and get bounced to the past, before Christian was born.

Question is, what happens to “older” Jack in the end? Would he be content to hang around an old folks home? I suppose it’s possible he’d be content to do so, but if he left someone behind (say, Kate), I think he’d try to do what he could to get back to the island. That might mean he’d end up being one of the skeletons holding one of the black and white stones, in the end.

Plus, he sure as heck looks like he could be an older version of Jack.

What do you think?

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