LOST Theories: More Theories Before Season 6 Starts

Spoilers ahead – You’ve been warned….

If you haven’t seen the LOST Season 6 Promo, go watch it now. I’ll be here….

…You back? Good.

Here are some random theories:

1) It didn’t occur to me until just now, but just because Jack is wearing that jumpsuit in the promo, it doesn’t mean they’re still in 1977. In fact, darn near the only way they wouldn’t have been vaporized is for them to be transported to a different time. Whether that’s present day, or earlier in the LOST timeline, it’s hard to say.

On the one hand, if it is earlier, then the Jack being his own grandfather seems more likely (although, as I’ve said before, it could take place because Jack turns that wheel). It would be quite something for Jack to be off the island until he grew old and for him to return.

On the other hand, if you watch the promos, “Locke” (probably the Man in Black) is talking to Sawyer, and in the very last scene, it appears he’s talking to Richard Alpert. That probably indicates being in the present day.

2) My earlier theory about Sayid getting branded as “not one of The Others” probably isn’t right either. I mean, if he’s one of The Others, why get branded? Because he’s with them, but not one of them? Seems kinda weird. It makes a lot more sense if he were branded to become an Other. Who knows though… maybe he got branded because he tried to steel one of the island cows….

OK… on to new things:

3) What if Richard Alpert is actually Jacob in disguise? It sure would explain him not aging. It might be the Jacob brought the ship to the island, and once the real Richard died, Jacob took his place. Maybe the “dead” Richard were disguised as Jacob this whole time. What a perfect disguise for Jacob to be in while the Man In Black tried to carry out his “loophole” scheme.

4) If Locke is really dead, is he going to be back as Locke… in any way? I mean, from the promo and from what we’ve seen at the end of last season, sure seems as though Locke is still being portrayed as the Man in Black. Locke may come back as some kind of guide, and perhaps we’ll see “present day” Locke return. Whatever happens, I hope we do see him as Locke (not MiB), since he’s such a great character.

5) Why in the heck was Ben trying to get women to have babies on the island? What happened between Horace Goodspeed’s child being born and the start of the show which made it impossible for women to carry to full term? The bomb maybe? Then we probably wouldn’t see a lot of wildlife on the island, because it would probably be a problem for them too. Maybe a curse? Possibly. I do think that one of the reasons Ben wanted women to carry to full term was so the island could go “independent”. Meaning, they’d cut all ties to the “real world”, so they’d never have to go back, and they’d keep the island away from Widmore.

Any theories or thoughts? Write ’em in the comments.