LOST: Thoughts on What Kate Does

A few thoughts about tonight’s LOST episode, “What Kate Does”:

I’m glad there was a storyline where Kate and Claire interacted, rather than just letting them pass by each other.

Did you notice how Kate looked at Jack when she saw him again, while she was in the cab at the airport?

I liked the fact that Ethan was at the hospital, but it really makes me wonder… If The Others exist, wouldn’t he still be part of them? After all, Ethan was on the island (as a baby) when the bomb went off, right? Or am I getting my timelines wrong? If he survived, more people did, because that would be the only way he could have gotten off the island.

The pretty much telegraphed that pill they wanted to give to Sayid was something that would kill him, and I thought it was a nice touch that Jack took it himself. Now, the real question is this: The Others told the 815ers that it wouldn’t be good if they couldn’t save Sayid. Sayid comes back, they give him a test, decide he’s been “infected”, and want to kill him. So… it’s not good if Sayid dies, and it’s really not good that he came back. Either way it’s bad. And, as most of us suspected, it’s not going to end well for Sayid, no matter what happens.

So, back to this infection…Rousseau really did know what she was talking about. Remember that she said that she didn’t want the infection spreading to the mainland, and that it was important to kill anyone that was infected? I guess all those doses of vaccine in The Hatch really were important too. I would guess it was less important that people took it to prevent infection while they were alive, and that the important thing was to have it in their system once they were dead to prevent them from coming back. Pretty much like what happened to Claire (at least, according to Dogen said).

Which brings up a good point… Is Christian infected too? Was that ghost Claire in the cabin with ghost Christian? Or were they both the infected versions?

I gotta say, for all the joking around the Lost producers did about this being the zombie season, it sure looks that way to me.

That’s it for now. What did you think of tonight’s show?

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  1. Ethan left the island pre-Incident with his mother Amy Goodspeed. He was still an infant when the Incident occurred.

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