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Interesting episode! We finally see the appearance of “The Numbers”: 4 – Locke, 8 – Reyes, 15 – Ford, 16 – Jarrah, 23 – Shepard, 42 – Kwon. If those are the “candidates” for Jacob’s replacement, as of right now we can cross off 4 and 16, since Locke is dead, and by all appearances, Sayid probably isn’t far behind. That leaves 8, 23, and 42. And, while Un-Locke says that he’s not sure if “42” refers to Sun or Jin, I would guess it would be Jin, simply because all the rest of them are guys.

A new mystery – That blonde kid that kept popping up, said something like “You know the rules, you can’t kill him.” Sure seems like he was talking about Sawyer, and if that’s true, I’d say we have our Jacob replacement, if it finally comes to that. Sawyer alluded to that last episode when he told Kate that he guessed that some people were just meant to be alone.

So who was that kid? A mini Jacob? An older Aaron? No telling so far.

More characters reappeared with Locke – Helen, Rose, Ben, Hurley. I thought it was pretty funny that Randy (Locke’s boss) was a jerk in both timelines.
Ben, from the brief time we saw him, seemed pretty much the opposite of the way we’ve known him. This version of Ben seemed desperate to try and control things, but was frustrated that he couldn’t.

The biggest question now is, how does Un-Locke expect to get off the island, even with Sawyer’s help?

What did you think of the episode?

Edit: Forgot the very first thing I was going to post: Did you notice how Helen said something to Locke about having his father come to the wedding? Sure surprised me to hear that!

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  1. It was pretty slow. I’ve felt that way about each episode in this season thus far. It seems to be increasing the question count rather than decreasing it.

    For some reason, I feel like Sayid will survive this whole finale. I don’t think anything will happen to him. The writers like to make it seem like they’re going a way that they’re not going.

    As far as the kid goes… WHO IS HE!? I don’t think it could be Arron.. A young Jacob? Really? I don’t know… I guess all bets are off at this point.

    I know it’s only 3 weeks into the final season, but I feel like they really have got to throw this thing into the next gear… It’s getting old. Don’t get me wrong! I love the show, the suspense and mystery, but there’s a point where you need to start getting some answers… I’m hoping for that next week. Especially with Claire.

    Anyone know what’s going on with the Lana? And who thinks these two timelines are gonna end up colliding in some way?

  2. Where was the name “Austin”? Jacob touched Kate just as he did everyone else on that wall. I wouldn’t mind going through that scene frame by frame to try to read all the names.

    Then again, I expect the internet to provide me with a frame by frame analysis by tomorrow.

  3. Matt – I definitely think these two timeslines are going to end up coming together in some way. I just hope it’s not all a “this is how things would have been… this is your choice” sort of thing.

    Homeybeef – I didn’t see Austin up there at all.

  4. I think Ben’s behavior — killing Locke, then following Locke in actions he knew would work against Jacob, killing Jacob, openly lying about it — eventally makes him unworthy and off the island.

    Did y’all notice that Alana took ashes from the pyre? I think those ashes will make an appearance again…

  5. BTW, remember the kid that Locke stopped in the hallway of the school to find the teacher’s lounge? I think that was meant to be Walt. Right age/size as the Walt we knew, and sounded like him (they did give the kid a speaking line, which is important to note!).

  6. Andy, the kid said, “Over there.” I ddn’t even think of Walt, to be honest — but it’s an interesting possibility.

    I thought the blond kid looked a lot like a mini Jacob, but knowing Darlton that was done just to confuse me. (Yes, me personally, those bastards!)

  7. Well they seem to be implying the kid was Jacob reincarnated. His ashes are what stops Flocke in smoke form hence why the gal filled up her bag with them.

    It is all coming back to Backgammon again from the first season. “the oldest game in the world” “black vs white”.

    As for the numbers….why no Kate?? All the others were male which could be of interest meaning Kwon is Jin. or is it a coincidence?

    I’m guessing that the replacements (not replacement as Flocke will have to be replaced too when he leaves the island) would be Sawyer & Jack currently. There is the strongest amount of tension between them. What better irony than for Jack to replace Jacob & become the mystical champion of fate after denying it for so long.

  8. The ‘Kwon’ reference could be to Jin and Sun’s child. Just sayin’.

    Regarding the possible Walt sighting, I’m “metagaming” it a bit, but anytime someone has a speaking role in a movie or TV show, they get a check and possibly residuals. It’s a pain in the butt to just throw someone in like that, so they take those things seriously. The fact that they didn’t just have the kid point in the direction he needed to go rather than actually point AND speak makes me really think it WAS Walt.

  9. Do you think there is any connection between MIB not allowed/able to kill Jacob, Flocke not allowed/able to kill Sawyer, and the conversation between Whitmore and Ben a few season back in Whitemore’s bedroom when Whitmore said Been wasnt allowed to kill him? I always thought that had to do with the ‘Constant’ and time travel, but maybe they are involved in this game too.

    I think it would be pretty ridiculous if the whole Whitmore storyline is done.

  10. Sorry this is long, but please read it as I really want some feedback!!!
    I’m doubtful that the boy with the bloody hands whom UnLocke saw was indeed Aaron. Certainly, a big deal was made about protecting Aaron in the first few seasons, but besides that, there hasn’t necessarily been evidence to suggest he ever gets back to the island or even has a part to play. Regardless, I wouldn’t put it past the writers to bring him back. The fact that UnLocke’s reaction was surprise and confusion when he say the bloody-handed little boy suggested to me that he recognized him. This made me think the little boy was Jacob’s younger self. Of course this assumes UnLocke/MiB has seen Jacob at that age. Similarly, how would UnLocke know what Aaron looks like at that age (if it is indeed Aaron) as nobody on the island or otherwise knows what Aaron will look like.
    Additionally, let’s entertain the idea that UnLocke did know what Jacob looked like as a small boy. This could indicate that they grew up together (or a hundred other explanations, but let’s go with this one for now). UnLocke DID say he was a man before (while talking to Sawyer – assuming again this is the truth, but it would be stupid to mislead the audience on this point as a writer of Lost), so like every man he must have started out as a boy. So if MiB and Jacob grew up together, what if they were in fact brothers? (And this is sort of what I concocted from reading about the origins of the name Jacob in Judaism and his brother Esau – ironically, there was someone whose name was Benjamin whose mother also died in childbirth – but I’m not Jewish so can only attest to what I read online..sorry!)

    Additionally, what if the “Adam and Eve” that Jack found in the caves (Season 1) were parents…of *drumroll* Jacob and MiB? Interestingly enough, the two corpses (one male, one female) were never touched upon again perhaps so that the writers could explain it at the very end and give them significance. Or they could have been two random dead bodies. Who knows?

    Lastly, I wanted to mention the episode (I believe it’s season 4 somewhere) where Locke is shown as a child and Richard comes to visit him both in the hospital and later when Locke is a young boy in a foster home. Richard asks him to pick out of a group of objects he lays out on a table. Richard asks, “Which of these are yours?” And Locke replies, “To keep?” And Richard shakes his head and says, “No, I mean which one of these are ALREADY yours?” And Locke picks a vial filled with sand, a compass, and a knife (which Richard asks him if he is sure about). This makes me think that Lock is an incarnation of somebody…who already did own those things (maybe the vial of sand is representative of the island). But how Richard or Jacob or MiB or ANYBODY could have known Locke was the incarnation of whoever it may be is questionable. Additionally, Richard saw a picture that Locke had drawn showing the smoke monster eating/inhabiting/molesting a person. If this were a picture of himself (it was a stick figure so pretty ambiguous) then it’s as if Lock knew he would one day be possessed by Smokey (who is MiB, or so is the general consensus). Either way, despite who he drew, Locke was tied to the island since birth before Jacob touched him (right before he was thrown out the building and became paralyzed).
    Okay, LAST thought from me: Assuming that Smokey can pretty much, excuse me, COULD (as Ilana said he can no longer change form) possess anyone’s body…let’s say it was he/it who possessed Christian Shephard, who, *drumroll* was the one to tell Locke (who told Ben) to move the island!!! (Yes, I know Christian said “I can speak for him [Jacob], but I am guessing Smokey would have said that to lie for his purposes.) Then, it was never Jacob’s wish to protect/move the island. It was MiB’s idea to move the island. In fact, MiB was pretty annoyed when Jacob “brought” the Black Rock to the island..I am referring to the scene where MiB and Jacob are sitting on the beach watching a ship appear and MiB says to Jacob,”Still trying to prove me wrong?” If Jacob wanted to protect the island, I’m sure he would be more wary of “bringing” groups of people to the island (Black Rock + Oceanic 815) whereas it seems that MiB is the one who is really fed up of people coming to the island!! MiB says to Jacob in that same scene something like..”It’s always the same..they come, they fight, they corrupt…” etc.
    Alright I know I said that was the last thing, but I lied – sorry Ben is rubbing off on me. A few last short little things.
    Ben says shooting Locke was pointless (while talking to Hurley about it later) presumably because he knew Locke could not be killed – but Ben is successfully able to kill him off the island when he strangles him. Yet Ben cannot kill Whidmore off the island…seems strange.

    Jacob “touches” everyone who ended up on the 814 flight sometime in their life BEFORE the actual flight, whereas (correct me if I am wrong) he touched Hurley after Hurley was rescued and became part of the “Oceanic 6” and before he went back to the island the second time around. So why was Hurley on the flight that crashed in the first place if not touched by Jacob?

    Why is Kate’s name not on the “list of candidates”? It can’t be because Jacob told her to be good as a child and then she didn’t ..because Ford was a con artist his whole life and Sayid killed lots but they’re both still listed. So, it’s not a measure of “goodness” in a person. Something else makes them eligible. However, I don’t believe Jacob was making that list to see who his successor could be to protect the island. Sounds like MiB’s cover up for something else.

    And why the hell does MiB/Smokey need to “recruit” (which is what Ilana called it) anyone to help him “get home” which is presumably off the island. I mean, Jacob is dead..so what was the point of killing Jacob anyway then???

    And why the hell is Ilana so knowledgeable? She was the only one who was approached by Jacob off the island who knew who he was. To everyone else, he was a random person. But Ilana was “glad to see” him and in fact, was the only one CRYING when Jacob died!

    Okay, this is the biggest mystery to me…
    WHY…does the SMOKE MONSTER come when Ben summons him (i.e. to help kill Keamey’s men sent by Whidmore) when Ben basically tells everyone he has followed JACOB his whole life? That would mean MiB followed a guy who followed his enemy….why would he do that? Unless MiB wanted Keamey dead, suggesting that MiB is the protector (or banisher) of the island..not Jacob.. Ben himself said..Jacob never gave him importance….never even met him! Which brings into question Richard’s role as Jacob’s advisor…
    What do you guys think?

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