LOST – Dr. Linus – Theories and Observations

Spoilers ahead

Some thoughts about tonight’s LOST – Dr. Linus:

Dharma did exist on the island, at least long enough for Ben and his father to be there for a while, and for them to leave.

It was great seeing Alex again.

Ben sure digs a nice neat burial plot.

Richard confirmed he was on the Black Rock before.

Somehow, Illana knows all about the candidates. She says there are six, which I presume are Sun, Jin, Hurley, Jack, Kate and Sawyer. I think there might actually be a seventh, but more on that later.

So we find out that that Jacob’s touch make it impossible for the person who was touched to die by their own hand, and I would say from what the young boy who appeared to Locke a few episodes ago, Locke can’t kill them either. He tried to get Ben to kill Illana, because he can’t.

Ah, and all the theories about Widmore being the one that Jacob was referring to when he said someone was coming to the island, were right. Seems like he’s the one that will get the Man in Black off the island.

Now, remember all those people that Jacob touched? Think you know everyone? Hurley, Kate, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, Sayid, Jack, Locke….and Ben. Yep, Ben. I think I mentioned this in an earlier post. Anyway, it certainly means a lot more now.

In fact, it could very well be that Ben might end up being the most important person on the island. What if HE was the person that took over for Jacob? He devoted his entire life to the island. Who better to keep it safe, and to be there to keep the Man in Black in check?

I’m just going to throw this out – What if the only way the Man in Black can leave the island is to transfer his powers to someone else? Who would that be? My guess is Widmore. He and Ben might be the two new replacements for MiB and Jacob.

Finally, I’m glad Ben survived. He’s a great character.

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  1. Kate is NOT a candidate cos her name WASN’T on the wall nor was it in the lighthouse!
    Jin and Sun might or might not be both candidates cos only their surname is written on the wall, Since it’s Jins surname he could be the candidate, but it could also be Sun, cos she took his name in marriage, OR it could be both.

  2. I know Michael and Walt are non-existent now, but Michael wasn’t able to kill himself either… actually he wasn’t able to die off the island. Does Jacob’s “gift” imply eternal life? Or that you live as long as you’re needed?

  3. Am I alone here in thinking that Ben’s moment of truth with Illana had more to do with the fact that he knows MiB knows him too well, but he can stay 3 or 4 moves ahead of Illana? My Linus BS meter went wild while his lips moved. (I may be bitter and jaded…) I still believe Ben thinks he can control the situation with Ilana better than unLocke’s. I’m not saying there is no redemption for this character, I’m saying that we have a history with him and if history proves anything is that it repeats itself and duplicity and manipulation is all Ben knows. He is buying time.

    That said, I can’t wait for the Richard episode! The Black Rock is a 19th century ship and we were given to understand that Richard may be Roman origin (Roman as in the days of the Empire) given his response to the query about the “shadow of the statue” was given in Latin and he’d already been referred to as Ricardus. How does that work exactly?

  4. Is anyone else questioning the fact that back in the 5th season finale Sun goes up to Ricahrd and asks.. “have you seen my husband.” and proceeds to show him the 70’s Dharma pic of them. To which Richard responds.. “yes, i watched them all DIE!”

    Now, last nights ep was the first time Richard has seen Jack since the 70’s (technically) so..

    A.) wouldnt they both kind of be like “whoa.. YOU!?”
    B.) Richard say something along the lines of “how the hell are you alive??”
    C.) just in general have some kind of different response other than the normal “oh hey”

    So i guess what im still saying is, wtf was Richard talking baout when he said “i watched them die?” Or is this going to be another thing the writers brought up, only to not answer and piss people off..

    spend more time answering questions youve created not on the lame alternate side story!

  5. @Jay: That is an excellent question, but one we don’t have answers to just yet. Richard may have been referring to the incident with the bomb. He may have been talking about the incident when Ben kills the Dharma folks. He did not say *when* and remember that we are working on different timelines here in which he appeared to be the constant because he rarely leaves the island.

    I have settled on a very comfortable place where I no longer have burning questions, I can sit back and watch it unfold because that’s all that’s left…

  6. I’m with Kali here. I think yeah, maybe 5 years ago I would have wondered wtf w/ Jack & Richard’s nonreaction at seeing each other, but I think at this point, the characters are pretty shell shocked and don’t question anything they see and/or experience on the island. Sit back and watch it unfold, savor every minute.

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