LOST – Recon – Thoughts and Theories


This week’s LOST episode is titled “Recon”, which is interesting since it can be taken as either “reconnaissance” or “to con again”.

Just a couple of thoughts about tonight’s show.

  • Loved the fact that Sawyer is a police officer, and that Miles is his partner
  • I swore up and down that Sawyer’s date was going to end up being Juliet, but it turned out to be Charlotte
  • Another mirror in this episode … so far every episode has shown one of the characters looking into a mirror
  • I thought it was pretty obvious that Kate was the one that was running at the end. Seems as though they’ve started to try to intermingle the different storylines
  • Pretty spooky twist – That UnLocke planted the seed in Kate’s mind that giving Aaron to a crazy woman wouldn’t end up too well. Question is, how the heck do they get Aaron into the picture? Did Widmore bring him?
  • Those pylons are a lot more high tech than the old ones.
  • Did you notice that Sawyer came up with the idea that Widmore wants UnLocke? Widmore didn’t say a thing about what he really wanted.
  • They did a cross with Charlie’s brother in the police station.
  • Every single time UnLocke asks someone to do something for him, he’s got another reason for having them do it. I think UnLocke is completely aware that Sawyer is in this for himself, and sent him precisely because he’s expendable. If Sawyer’s really not on his side, and he loses him, he doesn’t lose someone that’s really loyal to him.
  • anything could be significant). I know he’s touched Sawyer, since he grabbed him when he fell on the ladder. Not sure about anyone else.
  • Gotta love that Sawyer’s code word in the sideways flash was “LaFleur”
  • All in all, a decent episode. Certainly not as great as last week’s, but interesting. The writer’s seem to be going down the path of showing how much better everyone’s life will be on the island, at least for the most part. Gonna have to reserve judgement based on what we see happen to Kate and Jin.

    What did you think of tonight’s episode? What do YOU notice?

2 thoughts on “LOST – Recon – Thoughts and Theories”

  1. A friend of mine noticed that all the candidates in the FLocke camp are all killers.

    I’m thinking that the Island protector could come down to Widmore, keeping FLocke as his nemesis (both are older and bald…just sayin’).

    What if the story about Aaron that FLocke told was a story about himself…that he turns out to be Aaron all along?

  2. You know, Andy made a very insteresting point there. Considering the forays into time travel and mythology, it could be entirely possible that this island is the final nesting place of the gods and they repeat their history over and over again — and Widmore in his failed bid to retain and recapture his role as king of the hill is in his umpteenth sisyphean journey to become leader of the others again.

    The episode was not as strong as “LeFleur” but a good companion piece. The idea of Sawyer as a cop was just delicious. Sawyer playing a long con on UnLocke and Widmore is sweet, because I have a feeling there is more to it than he admitted to Kate. There is, after all, a third faction at work here and Widmore and Smokey are suspicious enough of Sawyer to make him a vulnerability to both.

    Can’t wait for the Richard ep next week!

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