LOST – Ab Aeterno – Theories and Thoughts


FINALLY we get to see Richard’s back story. As a lot of people thought, he did come over on the Black Rock as a slave. What I didn’t expect at all was that the Black Rock was what smashed the statue to pieces. It sure didn’t take long for ol’ Smokey to show up, but then I guess if you’re trapped on an island, you’ll look around for anything new and different.
Up until now I’d suspected that Jacob’s power was of life and death over people. Life for Richard, since he never aged, and that was confirmed tonight. Death, since a lot of dead people roam around on that island. Although, I suppose that’s not strictly Jacob’s doing. Anyway what we saw tonight showed that his powers extend further than I suspected.

Some random thoughts and observations:

  • Ab Aeterno – Since the beginning of time
  • The Isabella we saw on the ship with Richard was not really Isabella; it was the Man in Black. That might have been obvious to most of you, but I thought I’d point that out anyway. But that was who Hurley was talking to when he was asked about it at the beach.
  • Did Richard’s “I changed my mind” actually do anything? In other words, by saying those words, did he jump sides, even though he’s going to help out Hurley and the gang? I sure hope not. I think Isabella’s words are the thing that are going to carry Richard through to the end.
  • When the Man in Black was talking to Richard, he alluded to the fact that he’d been trapped on the island. This is still in line with my theory that a normal human being was transformed (somehow) into the vessel that’s holding “evil”. It’s likely that the Man in Black went looking for that power in the first place, not realizing that by accepting it, he would be trapped on the island. I really think this is how Widmore is going to end up.
  • Man, Jacob had quite a temper, eh? He really beat the snot out of Richard on that beach.
  • Did you notice that both times people who’ve been instructed to not let them speak before knifing them (“or it will be too late”), that both Sayid and Richard did exactly that? Sayid let UnLocke speak, and Richard let Jacob speak.
  • I liked Jacob’s explanation using that wine bottle.
  • Something I’ve been wondering since the last episode: Can The Man in Black go to Hydra island? Can he even go in the water?
  • All in all, a good episode. I’m a little surprised it went on as long as it did, since there was a lot less action than I expected, but a nice long episode of LOST is just fine with me.

What did you think?

7 thoughts on “LOST – Ab Aeterno – Theories and Thoughts”

  1. 1) “But that was who Hurley was talking to when he was asked about it at the beach.” I think you meant that Hurley was talking to dead Isabella, not the MIB. It’s a bit confusing in your paragraph, but I’m sure that Hurley wasn’t talking to the MIB on the beach.

    2) I don’t think it changed anything for Richard by saying that he changed his mind. He was almost over the cliff, but was ‘saved’ by the appearance of Isabella.

    3) I don’t think Richard let Jacob talk…I think Jacob had already knocked the knife clear away from him so Richard didn’t have a choice. But the fact that they’ve used that plot device twice now is leading me to believe that that is what is going to do the MIB in.

  2. I think Jacob wants the people he brings to the island to ‘do the right thing’ of their own free will, something that was alluded to in this last show. I don’t think he has anything to do with killing anybody – that’s MIB’s job. As an aside, I’m really, really curious as to MIB’s name (if he was, as he said, once human)

  3. The mib came from hydra island, that is where ajira plane landed, and we first see Flocke incarnate

  4. Does anyone know what hurley was saying to issabella in the beginning that wasnt subtitled? That could help out ALOT

  5. This has nothing to do with the Ep but…
    (St) Bernard …which is the dog they send out when people are..well…LOST..
    Just something that hit my brain random…

  6. And just another thought…
    Who ordered the Purge?
    Did the Man in Black manipulate that too?

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