LOST – The Last Recruit – Notes and Theories

I’m not really sure how I felt about this episode. A lot of interaction between characters, a lot of getting people together, but other than that… well, it’s still more setup.

Just a few notes about tonight’s show:

  • I think it’s clear at this point that that reason Desmond hit Locke with the car was to be sure and get Locke together with Jack.
  • I have a hard time believing that when we saw Christian, it was always the Man in Black. After all, we did see Christian off the island – remember when Jack saw him while he was trying to fix that smoke alarm? I’m sure there were cases (like in the cabin with Claire) that he was disguised as Christian, but I just don’t think he was ALWAYS Christian Shepard.
  • So, just letting the Man in Black talk to you is the way he gets you over to his side? Really? Still, Claire sure seems to believe that Jack is part of MiB’s group.
  • Zoe showing up in camp was a surprise, and I think we all know that the thing they want back is Desmond.
  • Speaking of Desmond, I don’t think Sayid killed him. I think Desmond turned around Sayid’s desire to see Nadia and the ramifications of her finding out that he had to kill Desmond to get her back are why he didn’t kill him.

    Kinda weird that even though Sayid and Claire are beholden to UnLocke, they both did something he wouldn’t like. Kinda surprised that Claire got on the boat without shooting anyone.

  • Anyone else wonder why Sawyer didn’t walk to the jetty and get in the water there to swim to the boat, rather than jumping in at the beach?
  • Still kinda wondering how they’re going to get Sayid, Kate, and Sawyer together with the rest of them. Maybe at the hospital?
  • Ilana as a lawyer… That was probably the biggest surprise of the show tonight. I didn’t expect that at all.
  • Another episode with no mirrors.
  • Sawyer throwing Jack off the boat? Really? REALLY? That was just too weird.
  • I bet that Jack’s surgery is going to allow Locke to walk again.
  • Glad Jin and Sun are back together, but I thought that sonic fence was going to torch one or both of them.

6 thoughts on “LOST – The Last Recruit – Notes and Theories”

  1. I didn’t like the ep much, for some reason. Afterwards, I was like…well, okay *yawn*.

    BTW: “Another episode with no mirrors.”

    Nope, there was one. The one Jack used in the OR when he peered down and saw Locke’s face.

    BTW, concerning Christian’s appearances, we also had him appear to Sun and group (when they found the Dharma ’77 Class Reunion photo). Wasn’t the MiB already in Locke’s body then?

  2. There was mirror. Jack looked in it to see the face of Locke during the start of the surgery. It happened at the very end of the show.

  3. Ah, you’re right about the mirror. Forgot about that. Interesting that this time Jack looked into a mirror and saw Locke.

  4. Oh, and about Christian appearing….

    He appeared off the island, in LA, so that’s why I didn’t think it was MiB. I mean, if MiB could get off the island to appear as Christian, why bother doing that? He would have been off the island.

  5. Ah, but Steve, you are just assuming that Smokey is telling Jack the truth — asking him, in fact, to make a leap of faith and believe. Jack is just about starting to accept Locke’s crazy pronouncements from 5 seasons back… Jack is getting closer to his emotional or spiritual core, but I don’t know that he is capable of completely abandoning his need for empirical evidence that what he is being told is as is. Unless, to Jack (whom I feel is a GIANT a-hole anyways) “letting go” also means abandoning all sense and logic.

    This ep felt a little too “manufactured” and forced, but I’m still willing to allow that choppy storytelling to get to the other side.

  6. “Anyone else wonder why Sawyer didn’t walk to the jetty and get in the water there to swim to the boat, rather than jumping in at the beach?”

    I wondered the same thing

    Betcha it was a mat painting…

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