Brothers Dan and Jordan Win The Amazing Race

Brothers Dan and Jordan have raced throughout the world to win the Amazing Race.

On last night’s show the teams went from China to San Francisco. Dan and Jordan made a completely unnecessary move early on when they cut in line in front of the two brothers, Jet and Cord. All that did was make them look petty, when they were all getting on the same flight anyway.

Dan and Jordan’s first great move was to get moved up to first class. That got them off the plane quickly and gave them a head start.

The first stop was found pretty quickly by two teams. Brent and Caite had driver that didn’t know where to go, so they fell behind.

After the first stop to get a clue to the Coit Tower, they had to climb the tower on a rope to get the next clue. None of the teams had a problem with that. They then headed to the Lucasfilm campus to go into a virtual reality game. Dan and Jordan had a big head start, but Jet and Cord made up a lot of time. Dan and Jordan finished first, despite Cord trying to throw them off (a bit of revenge for the cut in line at the airport… again, not a classy move).

This is where I think Jet and Cord screwed up, and ended up losing the race. Jet didn’t tell Cord that he saw the other team spinning around to get the clue. That should have been the first thing they did. By the time they realized this, Dan and Jordan had a big lead. It was at this point that Brent and Caite caught up with the brothers, and even left at the same time. Brent and Caite forgot their belongings, had to go back, and never made up the time.

The teams then headed to the Tonga, to pick up a chest. They carried this to a music hall where they opened the box. The teams then had to take the signs in the box and arrange them in the order in which the teams pictured on the signs were eliminated. They also had to place the non-elimination rounds correctly.

Dan and Jordan’s second great move was to have kept a list of who got eliminated during the race. They breezed through this. At this point, all Dan and Jordan had to do was find a taxi and head for the finish line, which they did. Congrats to both of them!

Jet and Cord came in second, and Brent and Caite came in last.

At the end, something happened that I don’t ever remember seeing. One of the members of a team that had been eliminated, Brandy Snow, started smack-talking Caite about how they made a stupid move by U-Turning Brandy and Carole. Brandy and Carole made fun of Caite early on in the game, which I think was a big mistake.

After all, Caite did end up beating them, no matter what anyone said to the contrary. Sour grapes, Brandy! You lost, and you got beat by the person you made fun of. That was great to see.

In spite of that move at the airport, Dan and Jordan ran a great race. Congratulations to them!

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  1. After hearing that Jet of “The Cowboys” team hates gays and called Jordan a fag, I’m so glad Dan & Jordan won! Apparently the editing made it look like Caite was homophobic too, but that’s not true according to Dan. Ahhhh, editing, gotta love it!

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