8 thoughts on “LOST – Are Jacob and The Man In Black Brothers?”

  1. Jacob and Esau were fraternal twins — altho no one has confirmed that MIB is Esau.

    Twins would touch on a great many mythical traditions. Castor and Pollux, Remus and Romulus. Maybe a little of the Ashvins with the number deal 🙂

    You have the ideal of duality, competing and opposing forces that combine to make a balance out of what would essentially be chaos without a counterpart. With twins you have push, pull, tragedy and ultimately endurance and eternity (usually shared).

  2. Hmmm….could be, TH.com Guy. Might just be friends though.

    Gotta wonder, how long ago was that? Did they grow up and appear to just stop aging?

  3. Well, I have a theory, based on that preview. You know how we’ve seen that young boy in the jungle after Jacob was killed? I think Jacob has been reborn…and the MiB will be, too, eventually. That’s the cycle. That’s what’s always the same. They’re trapped there.

    It doesn’t explain why Jacob would draw people to the island, tho…

  4. Too many more questions….
    Claudia appeared to MIB (but Jacob couldn’t see her) Why hasn’t Claudia appeared to Hurley? She’s obviously in ‘Limbo’ with the rest of the dead people…
    The woman who killed Claudia obviously knows all about the island and what the ‘light cave’ is and can do..(it’s worse than being dead) how did she become the islands’ protector?
    The woman gives Jacob a shot of something to drink which makes him like her (the islands’ protector …..and the ability to grant eternal life by his touch? I say the heck with the island, I want what’s in that drink!
    Also, how did she fill in the well and kill all those people? I think she would have to be a ‘smoke monster to do that…..
    Questions, questions, and so little time…..

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