Breaking Bad: Guesses Before “Confession” Airs

Spoilers Ahead!

Here’s where things are:

Jesse is in the interrogation room and Hank just walked in. Marie is completely freaked out that Skyler is covering for Walt, and may be involved with what Hank thinks Walt is up to.

Lydia has taken things into her own hands, and Uncle Jack and his crew kill the Declan and his crew.

So, what’s next? Here are some guesses:

Lydia had those guys killed because they couldn’t achieve the quality that Walt was capable of. I seriously doubt that Todd will be able to do that with Uncle Jack and his crew. What’s the next step there? When they realize they can’t do it, they’re going to come after Walt. Probably even threatening his family, which is the single thing that Walt has saying he’s been trying to protect and provide for this whole time. It could even be that the people that Lydia is supplying will instigate something like that. Either way, someone’s coming for Walt.

Now, we know from the flash-forwards that have been airing that Walt has traveled from New Hampshire. Why would they do that? It’s possible that the entire family has gone into the witness protection program, when Walt realizes that they only real way to protect his family will be in the hands of the feds. It’s just as likely that Walt and Family are taking some of the money and getting the heck out of town. I think that’s the more likely scenario.

Also in the flash forwards, we’re seeing that Walt is gearing up for something big. I think he realizes that even in hiding, always looking over his shoulder, eventually he and his family will be found. And, if his family is really in trouble like this, the only thing he can do is “take care of the problem” himself. With his family safe in New Hampshire, he’s traveling back to get rid of the people that are after his family once and for all.

Would Walt go out in a blaze of gun fire? Unlikely. He’s a very smart guy, and he’ll end up doing that won’t be a full out assault. He knows he could never win as one guy against many. Plus he has to end this for good, so his family is safe. What does he have so far? A BIG gun, and ricin.

What’s he going to do with the ricin? A poison like that mixed with all the chemicals in Lydia’s lab would create toxin “product”. That going out to Lydia’s buyers would end everything pretty shortly there after.

Breaking Bad airs tonight, and we’ll see how very off base I am about all this!