Breaking Bad: Confessions

Spoilers ahead!

Another good episode! I couldn’t believe that Walt thought to frame Hank. I kept waiting for Walt to finish, but he kept going and going and going! Hank is really sunk, at least at this point.

Did anyone else think the server at the restaurant was reminiscent of the server in “Office Space”? For a while, I thought it was the same guy.

The next episode is entitled “Rabid Dog”. What do people do with rabid dogs? Put them down. I hope that doesn’t mean Jessie.

My other concern at this point is for Saul… I bet the “vacuum guy” still wants his $125k, and he’ll come looking for Saul for it. I hope Saul ends up surviving, but he’s really in deep trouble now.

And who the heck is Hank following? Is he the one that keeps Jesse from burning down the house?

Guess we’ll see next week.