Breaking Bad: Thoughts Ahead of “To’hajiilee”

Spoilers Ahead

So, Jesse’s going after Walt to get Walt where it hurts the most. That must mean his family.

Who does Jesse have that he could possibly go to, to do that? No idea. Unless it’s Uncle Jack and Todd. I don’t think he’d go after Walt himself.

We haven’t seen Lydia, but I still bet that she’s not long for this world, since she hasn’t been delivering the quality of “product” that her buyers want. That’s not going to end well for her, I’d wager, and probably soon.

Question is, who’s Walt gunning for? And by that, I mean, why did Walt buy that gun, and why did he get that poison he had hidden in his house? Is that for a showdown with Jesse at the end? Is Walt going to sacrifice himself, to make sure that no one goes after his family, who are presumably safe and in hiding in New Hampshire?

Guesses, guesses, guesses. Who knows? About an hour until the next episode, “To’hajiilee”. That’s a reference to Tohajiilee Indian Reservation, part of the Navajo Nation.