Breaking Bad: What’s Going To Happen To Walt’s Money?

Spoilers ahead

I was talking to my friend John tonight about Breaking Bad, and how it was likely to end, and he came up with something I think is just brilliant.

So, we know that Walt is headed back to New Mexico. My previous thought about this was he was just going to gun down the people at Gray Matter and go out in a blaze of glory killing Uncle Jack, Todd, and probably Jesse. That, I think really isn’t “Breaking Bad”-style…. Well, all the shooting is, but that’s about it. And it doesn’t solve the problem of how to get money to Walt’s family.

John’s idea is basically this: He thinks that Walt is probably going to Gray Matter and talk to Gretchen and Elliot and have them launder Walt’s money in order to give it to his family after he’s gone. How he’s going to convince them to do it…. Well, no idea. But I absolutely love the idea that Walt will be able to get around the big problem of having the feds get their hands on it. It also gets around the problem of Jr. not wanting anything to do with the money either. It’s a great plan. Who better to give them money to Skyler and the kids than someone who they already know, and who can say it’s their “fair share” because it was Walt’s work in the first place.

John, if that’s not what happens to resolve the money situation, I’d be pretty surprised, because this is such a great, great idea.

As for Uncle Jack, Todd, Lydia? Oh, they’re all going down. Whether Skyler and the kids get all 80 million, or just 11 million, I think that kind of depends on how the Uncle Jack situation resolves itself.