Wild Guesses Before The Final Breaking Bad Episode



Breaking Bad is coming to an end and there’s going to be a reckoning for a lot of folks. Just about everyone on this show, with the exception of Walt Jr. and Holly have done a variety of bad things, ranging from minor (Marie’s kleptomania) to really bad (just about everything Walt and Jesse have done). This won’t end up well for just about everyone, with the exceptions of Marie, Walt Jr. and Holly. At least that’s my guess. Beside being major drug dealers that have ruined many lives, Jesse and Walt have killed quite a few people. Skyler worked on laundering money not only for Walt, but cooked the books for Ted too. Todd….well, Todd…eech. Uncle Jack flat out killed Hank and Steve, along with his crew, not to mention they’re major dealers right now too.

The whole story will come full circle. Walt originally tried to figure out a way to make money to give to his kids when he died. He would have had the money in the first place, had he not been cut out of the company Gray Matter. He would have made millions. He ends up building a drug empire, again worth millions, only to be cut out of it again. He’s going back to arrange what he originally wanted: to get money to his kids. He’s going to make Gretchen and Elliott admit that they wouldn’t have the company if it wasn’t for his work.

He’s also going to make sure that the empire that he built, and that Uncle Jack and Todd (with the unwilling help of Jesse) are continuing, will go down in flames. He’s going to be sure that no one will benefit from his hard work and cut him out of it. That happened with Gray matter, and it happened again with his drug formula. No one will be left to carry on Heisenberg’s legacy.

Here are some guesses about what’s going to happen in the final episode.

1) Lydia get nervous and will kill Skyler because Skyler knows what she looks like. Walt will end up killing Lydia for that. Todd will in turn try and kill Walt.
2) Jesse will kill Todd. Jesse will end up getting killed by Uncle Jack.
3) Walt will kill Uncle Jack and the rest of his crew.
4) Walt will arrange it so that his money will go to his kids through Gretchen and Elliott. They’ll explain it away by saying it was Walt’s share of the company. (Credit to my friend John for this idea).
5) Marie will end up as guardian for Walt Jr. and Holly.

The one I think will have the best chance of being true is #4. The rest are just wild guesses.

I’m going to miss this show.