About that Breaking Bad Finale….


Kudos to my friend John for theorizing correctly that the Schwartz’ would be the ones to launder Walt’s money for him. That was spot on, and I have to hand it to Vince Gilligan and the rest of the writer’s of the show for making Skinny Pete and Badger the “hit men”. When the lasers came up, that was a great surprise.

I liked the finale a lot. I think it was one long goodbye to Walter, and he was able to resolve things as best as he could with all the people involved. I thought it was particularly good that he ended up saving Jesse at the end. Despite his intention to kill him, seeing what happened to Jesse after the parted ways in the desert, Walter realized he couldn’t go through with it.

Lydia… man oh man, she was worried about everything all the time, and Walter sure gave her something to worry about in her last hours. I caught on that the ricin was in the Stevia packet before they practically displayed the words on the screen by emphasizing the tea cup at the end of that scene.

Todd – man, that kid was ca-reep-eee. I’m glad he was taken out, and it was probably fulfilling for Jesse to be the one to do it. Even in the end, I had a soft spot in my heart for Jesse, and didn’t like to see him hurting anyone else. He’d done enough of that throughout the show.

Did it appear to anyone else that Walter’s bloody hand print at the end was in the shape of a “W”?

Tonight, my buddy Ralff (pseudonym used to protect the guilty) pointed out a couple of postings here and here.

The basic upshot of the theory is that Walt died in that car, and we’re only watching the fantasy that played out in his head. The evidence that’s cited is the red keychain that wouldn’t have been in a car like that, the fact that Walt was able to move around with relative ease despite the police looking for him, and more. Go read the article to see the rest.

While I really like the theory, I have to disagree with it. It just doesn’t fit the style of the show. If this had been LOST, then I’d agree with the theory 100%, because a lot of weird stuff happened on that show.

One thing I’d like to point out about that theory is that taken to the extreme, the whole series could have been in Walt’s head, starting from the point where he found out he had cancer. Unbelievable situations that he was able to get out of, dead men walking around with half their faces blown off, walking naked in grocery stores, people choking on their own vomit or having their skull crushed by an ATM (talk about nightmares… woooo…). The feeling of being helpless in real-life and wanting to be powerful. You could make a good case for saying the entire series was all in his head.

Like I said, I don’t believe the writers were doing anything like that. It just doesn’t fit the style of the series. Fun theory though.