Long Trips with Audiobooks

Long car trips are boring. REALLY boring. A great way to pass the time is to listen to great audio books. A bad way to pass the time is to listen to bad audio books.

I recently listened to The Hobbit. It was the unabridged version. It was very good… except for:

The Singing.

Seriously. Singing.

It was so bad, I finally had to just start turning down the volume every time it started up. Other than that, it was fine and enjoyable.

The other book… Let’s just say it would have been helped by that singing. The other audiobook was The Bourne Objective. To say this audiobook was bad, would be insulting to bad things. Sound effects, really stupid plot…. it passed the time, but wow…

The book was going right along, with Bourne doing his usual thing, when the plot took a left turn off into the weeds. We find out that the “Objective” was to get a laptop and mysterious ring together to find…. are you ready for this: The location of King Solomon’s Mines and fabulous wealth. And, if that wasn’t stupid enough, the key to turning lead into gold.

This came out of no where. No mysterious coins that were half lead and half gold early on, leading to a mystery… no, the book dropped that coin as a character was trying to convince Bourne of this wild story.

It was like the author thought that a Da Vinci Code like plot twist was just what was needed. It was just nuts.
End of Spoiler

Lesson learned here: Don’t walk into a bookstore cold to just pick out tapes. Do a little research first, before you end up with something really bad.