Ethan Haas Was Right Hints

This page gives HINTS to the Ethan Haas Was Right website. If you want spoilers to Ethan Haas Was Right, you can find that on my spoilers page.

Minor hints:

Click on the stars. One of the stars will give you the opportunity to send e-mail.

Another one of the stars will let you see 26 symbols when you roll over it. Look below the first and last symbol.

You can right click and select “zoom in” and “zoom out” in the scene. This will help you see the actual symbols in the game.

Puzzle 1 Hint:
Follow the pattern

Puzzle 2 Hint:
If you haven’t sent the e-mail, do it. You’ll be given a BIG hint on what to do next. Be sure and consult the 26 symbols.

Puzzle 3 Hint:
Use the light to jump

Puzzle 4 Hint:
Arrows on your keyboard let you move the circles around.

Puzzle 5 Hint:
Use the 26 symbols to decode the flashing message. Replay the video and watch for something unusual that will help you. The symbols below the flashing message can be clicked on.

Stuck? Go to my Ethan Haas Was Right Spoilers page for a walkthru.

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